Admissions Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 6, 2022

An admission assistant is an important position and many educational institutions hire admissions assistants these days.

The main job duties of an admissions assistant include greeting walk-in applicants, guiding them about application processing and financial procedures, assisting them throughout the admission process, and forwarding their applications for further processing upon completion of admission protocols.

In order to apply for the admissions assistant job, you will need to write a cover letter. A good cover letter can bring you an interview. Here are some effective admissions assistant cover letter writing tips.

  1. Customize your cover letter according to the job description provided by the employer.
  2. Do not duplicate your resume in your cover letter. Use your cover letter to give a personalized statement of your competencies, as well as your passion to work for the employer.
  3. Write short and easy sentences, and communicate your potential with a limited number of words.

Here is a sample cover letter for the admissions assistant resume.

Admissions Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Gary Russell
33 New Horizon
Phoenix, AZ
(000) 325-3201
gary.russell @ email . com

December 6, 2022

Mr. Justin Sanders
Hiring Manager
Gate-Way community college
112 Hall Street
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Mr. Sanders:

Your recently advertised post of Admissions Assistant piqued my interest, particularly for two reasons. Firstly, because I am a former student of this college and have a deep affiliation with it, and secondly because my skill set is an exact match for your requirements.

Throughout my career as an admissions assistant, I have contributed to impactful business outcomes while exercising my matchless student guidance, program promotion, and admission facilitation skills.

Here are some highlights of my skills and qualifications:

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Adept at accurate application processing
  • Proven skills in understanding the admission procedure and guiding aspiring students regarding the same
  • Well-versed in student database management
  • Excellent presentation skills with a track record of increasing student enrollment

In addition to the above-mentioned strengths, I have strong convincing power and in-depth knowledge about community-based scholarships and study-related financial aid sources. I can proudly say that over the span of the last 5 years I have helped many struggling students finance their studies by directing them in the right direction.

If you require an energetic, detail-oriented, and dynamic person with a track record of enhancing student recruitment and promoting newly launched programs in the community to fill in your vacant seat of assistant admission then look no further. I am confident that my profile is cut out for this post.

I would like to request an interview meeting with you at your earliest convenience. I’m available throughout the week. Meanwhile, my resume is enclosed for your kind consideration.


Gary Russell

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