Top 9 Resume Hard Skills for Airline Jobs

Updated on: December 16, 2021

If you have it, there is no reason you shouldn’t flaunt it.

At least, when you are writing a resume because that is all resumes are about – flaunting your skills and experience.

When writing an airline resume, never forget that you have an entire section in which you can boast of your abilities and skills.

Use this for self-benefit and provide detailed information of why you believe that you are the best person that a company can hire.

For different jobs, the skills set vary.

But for almost all jobs, there are a few things that are common, including communication and listening skills.

So when you are writing the skills section of your resume, make sure that you mention these, even if not directly.

In fact, mentioning them directly may not be such a great idea after all, as simply stating the fact that you “listen well” isn’t going to convince the employer.

There are other ways of doing it in a more profound manner.

Whether you want to write your soft skills or job-specific ones, they need to be relevant to the position for which you are applying.

If you are applying for a position in which you have to deal with customers on a regular basis, your customer service orientation will come into play – and so on.

Here is a list of resume skills that people working for airlines can use on their resumes:

Sample Hard Skills Statements for Airline Resume

  1. Highly skilled in making passengers comfortable in their seats by providing them with a pleasant greeting.
  2. Well-versed in dealing with passengers’ inquiries about flight departures and arrivals according to specified rules and regulations of the airline.
  3. Hands-on experience in determining luggage restrictions and ensuring that passengers are made aware of them.
  4. Deeply familiar with providing assistance to passengers with special needs, children, and the elderly, by physically helping them board and disembark flights.
  5. Proficient in demonstrating the use of emergency equipment and ensuring that all passengers are safely buckled into their seats.
  6. Adept at handling mid-air emergencies by employing CPR and First Aid, and providing support during adverse situations.
  7. Track record of efficiently ensuring that appropriate supplies are available before a airplane takes off.
  8. Proven ability to handle cancellation of tickets and reissuing tickets for different flights as per the rules of the airline.
  9. Demonstrated expertise in ensuring the security of the aircraft and passengers by keeping an eye out for inappropriate behavior or untoward circumstances.