Airline Reservation Agent Skills and Abilities

Updated on: April 30, 2017

How you project yourself in a resume and cover letter for airline reservation agent position, and how you are perceived by an employer are two completely different things.

Your skills and abilities are what will sell your services to a hiring manager who is looking to hire the best.

Convincing the hiring manager that you are a good choice to hire is riddled with difficulties. The reason perhaps is the fact that you may feel that you are great at everything you do, but the hiring manager may not. Face it – he doesn’t know you from Adam and it is difficult to believe a total stranger that one is a phenomenal individual where work is concerned. What do you do? You jot down a list of your skills and abilities and then match them with the requirements of the employer.

Once you know what you can do, you can easily communicate your worth to a prospective employer. Even if you exaggerate a bit, you will be on the right track to convincing the employer to hire you – or at least, give you an interview opportunity. Remember that your achievements and education are important too, but it is actually your skills that will put you on the right path to success.

To edict what you can do in a professional sense (in order to convince the employer of your worth), have a look at how skills statements are written in a resume or cover letter:

Skills and Abilities for Airline Reservation Agent Resume

• Qualified to operate standard / complex airline reservation systems, to create and verify reservations for awaiting customers.

• Highly skilled in answering telephone calls and providing accurate flight and reservation information to customers.

• Demonstrated expertise in checking specific airline systems to determine flight availability, fares and updates.

• Hands-on experience in handling queries and complaints from customers, placing special focus on customer satisfaction and repeat business opportunities.

• Deeply familiar with instructing customers on making good use of the company website and mobile reservation applications.

• First-hand experience in accurately taking customers’ information and performing verifications detailed by the company.

• Thorough comprehension of handling tickets discount systems, and adding riders such as car renting and hotel reservations for returning customers

• Exceptionally talented in handling trip planning and scheduling duties, placing special focus on the customers’ budgets and travel preferences

• Adept at making flight reservations and accepting payments over the telephone, and in person for ticket purchases.

• Proficient in providing customers with information on airport security and allowed baggage weights.