Airline Stewardess Job Description

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Position Overview

Airline stewardesses work as passenger support staff on aircraft. Their prime responsibility is to make sure that safety precautions are followed on board and to assist passengers during the time that they spend in the air.

All airlines have specific standards that they consider when hiring airline stewardesses.


Once these are fulfilled, airline stewardesses go through multiple training sessions where their ability to handle midair emergencies are tested.

It may seem like a glorified job from what we watch on television but the work of an airline stewardess is demanding, and only the very hardworking can handle it properly.

Working as an airline stewardess provides you with many different scenarios where you may need to handle unruly passengers and carry out first aid.

You will need to have a strong personality as you may be required to prepare for emergency landing where you will have to think beyond your safety.


As an airline stewardess, you will also perform food service duties; preparing and serving food and beverages to passengers is a constant in an airline stewardess’s work day.




Airline Stewardess Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Attend pre-flight briefing in a bid to understand working positions in an upcoming flight

• Take information from supervisors regarding flight details and any passengers that may have special requirements such as those with disabilities or diseases

• Carry out pre-flight checks such as ensuring safety equipment is in order and that the aircraft is clean

• Ensure that food and beverage items are in stock and that seat pockets are up to date

• Greet passengers on board the plane and assist them in finding their seats

• Verify that information on boarding cards are in accordance with ticket information

• Demonstrate flying safety procedures to passengers and answer any questions put forward

• Check that all passengers are seated safely and are using seat belts

• Make announcements during the flight akin to information that the pilot may want passengers to possess

• Serve food and beverages to passengers and take orders for refills

• Reassure passengers during stressful flights and assist them in using oxygen masks and barf bags properly

• Provide First Aid and CPR to passengers during distressing times

• Make sure that passengers disembark safely from the aircraft and bid them goodbye

• Check if any luggage has been left behind and report findings to the airport manager

• Complete and submit flight reports at the end of each flight

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