Airline Customer Service Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 13, 2016

Position Overview

As the first person that passengers meet before they begin the boarding process, an airline customer service agent has to be an extremely pleasant and service-oriented individual. If working in a lively and fast-paced work environment is something right down your alley, this is the job for you. And if you enjoy meeting people from different countries, you may not find a more suitable job than that of an airline customer service.

Typically, airline customer service agents assist passengers in checking in, issue boarding passes to them and deal with inquiries regarding flight departures and arrivals. Additionally, they look after the particular needs of passengers with special needs, children and the elderly to ensure that they reach their destinations in a safe manner. At times, they also help passengers through immigration and customs processes and escort passengers who may have connecting flights.


Most airlines do not require beyond a high school diploma or a GED when hiring an airline customer service agent. Some basic computer skills and customer service-orientation are perhaps the only requirements of working as an airline customer service agent. Training is usually provided while on the job.

What follows is a list of job duties and responsibilities that an airline customer service agent performs on any given day at work:

Job Description for Airline Customer Service Agent Resume

• Welcome passengers as they approach the check in counter and ask for their ticket information
• Inquire into their seating preferences and process and print their boarding passes
• Issue labels for hand luggage and ensure that booked luggage is also properly labeled
• Provide passengers with information on their flights including flight numbers and departure and arrival times
• Weigh bags and ensure that any excess weight charges are communicated to passengers and collected before placing bags on the booking conveyor belt
• Attend to telephone call regarding available seats and flights and perform online bookings
• Check passengers’ travel documents such as passports to ensure that they are catching the correct flight
• Assist passengers, especially the elderly, children and those with special needs in boarding planes by providing them with physical and logistic help
• Provide support to first-time travelers by leading them through immigration and customs processes
• Assist passengers who may have missed connecting flights by arranging to have them board alternate flights
• Issue meal vouchers to passengers of cancelled or delayed flights and provide them with information on how to redeem them
• Handle passengers complaints by following company rules and with the aim of satisfying both protocol and passengers