There are numerous positions that one can work on in an airline setting despite most people thinking that all an airline possesses in terms of employees is the cabin crew and the pilot! But in order to run an airline effectively, many people work diligently to provide services on ground. Airline personnel might include technicians, operations personnel, administrative staff, air traffic controller and your very own favorite – the flight attendant.

Each one of these positions has its own goals and objectives as each position has something different to offer and perform. If you are thinking of working for the airline industry, you many consider working on any of these positions keeping in mind your educational background and personal interest. Let us look at some resume objectives of different professions in airline industry that you can effectively use for your resume.


Airline Resume Objective Statements

1. Seeking a Flight Attendant position at the Continental Airlines utilizing skills in the areas of service and safety to passengers in-flight and on the ground

2. Looking for an Air Traffic Controller position at Delta Airlines where I may use my expertise in monitoring flight paths and the ability to work effectively in a high stress environment

3. To obtain a position of an Operations Agent with Core Airlines using exceptional coordination skills in order to manage a smooth flow of operations

4. Desire a position of Avionics Technician with Beta Airlines. Offering expertise in troubleshooting and repairing aircrafts along with a profound ability to work with modern equipment

5. To work as a Flight Attendant with Air America where I may be able to employ my knowledge of onboard passenger service and safety in order to provide passengers with an enjoyable flying experience