Top 20 Accounting Manager Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: December 28, 2020

A skilled accounting manager is a successful one. Therefore, it is essential to write your skill in your accounting manager cover letter or resume.

This information is important because the hiring manager needs to know that you possess the right skills set to do justice to the job.

Even during an interview, you will be judged highly based on your talents.

Some skills that you must highlight include:

  1. knowledge of accounting processes
  2. the ability to handle discrepancies
  3. capability of creating accounting reports that are analytic in nature

Moreover, as an accountant, you should be able to monitor and oversee the daily operations of the accounting department. Also, your skills in managing the year and month-end procedures should be made obvious in all your job application documents.

A list of skills particular to the position of an accounting manager is provided below for you to take reference from:

Accounting Manager Qualifications and Skills

  1. Excellent knowledge of managing daily accounting operations such as AR/AP, payroll, utilities, and cash forecasting
  2. Able to monitor and analyze accounting data, as well as produce financial statements
  3. Expert in establishing and implementing appropriate accounting procedures and protocols
  4. Deeply familiar with the planning, and overseeing the overall accounting strategy of the company
  5. Documented success in monitoring and analyzing accounting data, and setting up KPIs
  6. Exceptional skills in accomplishing accounting human resources objectives
  7. Known for achieving accounting operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations
  8. Competent in meeting accounting financial objectives by accurately forecasting requirements
  9. Proficient in confirming financial status by effectively monitoring revenue and expenses
  10. Adept at ensuring that all accounting procedures are in solid compliance with financial legislation
  11. Skilled in analyzing financial data, and creating well-researched reports for the management
  12. Experienced in maintaining accurate and complete financial records
  13. Solid track record of effectively performing financial audits in a timely manner
  14. Proven ability to make well-researched recommendations to business stakeholders
  15. Highly experienced in documenting and interpreting complex financial information for managers, and executives
  16. Able to provide solid insight into payroll procedures, in order to properly streamline them
  17. Familiar with performing forecasting tasks, and planning processes according to the company’s fiscal needs
  18. Focused on ensuring that all accounting systems are properly implemented and managed
  19. Unmatched ability to reconcile bank and other accounts statements
  20. Effectively able to create management tools to efficiently monitor accounting processes

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