Call Center Team Lead Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 14, 2022
Position Overview

Most large call centers have a number of teams of call center representatives that need direction and leadership. To ensure that they are provided with both, call center managers hire team leads – each team lead has one team of representatives to handle and provide direction to.

Call center team leads are usually individuals who have climbed up the ladder from a representative to a leader. These people know all there is to know about the work, and can provide appropriate assistance and leadership in helping representatives work toward total customer satisfaction.

Qualifications & Skills

To work as a call center team lead, you do not need to possess more than a high school diploma or a GED. However, it is imperative to know the call center environment inside out if you want to work in this role.

Strong leadership skills are a given – additionally, one needs to be a great communicator, an excellent problem solver, and exceptional at handling complaints and problems. Since many team leads are called upon for assistance when something goes wrong, it is important for them to be on their toes all the time – figuratively speaking.

Working as a call center team lead means that you will be in a consistently “on the go” mode. You have to be aware of what is happening around you, and ensure that no issues are left unresolved.

Sample Job Description for Call Center Team Lead Resume

• Create and implement team schedules according to the strengths of each team member.

• Set clear team goals and targets and assist team members in achieving them according to established protocols.

• Monitor team performance on a regular basis, assessing each member’s specific strengths and limitations.

• Motivate team members to perform optimally, ensuring that they work towards total customer satisfaction.

• Create scripts and provide training to team members on how to utilize them to create and maintain contact with customers.

• Provide daily direction to team members so that customer service calls are answered in a timely manner.

• Handle continual evaluation and assessment of processes and procedures, providing suggestions on methods to improve area operations and efficiency.

• Write and administer performance reviews, aimed at ensuring skills improvement.

• Provide training and development to new and existing employees, aiming to ensure that they work according to the specifics of the assigned workload.

• Handle escalated issues, ensuring that they are resolved immediately and are aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.