Call Center Interview Questions and Answers Samples

Updated on: August 26, 2018

People hired by call centers work in different capacities – the most common is a customer service representative. A customer service representative is responsible for taking telephone calls and assisting customers with their questions or problems regarding a service or a product.

A call center may be a part of the organization for which it is providing customer services or a center who manages a company’s outsourced call center activities. An outsourced call center may work with different companies which is why customer service representatives may be trained in several accounts at one time.

Call center managers are also important members of a call center as they manage the overall functioning. If you are looking for a position as a call center personnel, you may be interested in the following interview questions and answers that you may be asked:


Call Center Interview Questions and Answers 

Do you have previous call center experience?
Yes! I have worked as a call center representative for three years at different companies.

What do you think about a job at a call center is like?
Very challenging yet fun! I would say as people working in call centers face different people and situations each day, but I enjoy dealing with diverse customers each day.

What kind of calls have you been attending, product promotional/selling or problem-solving?
I have worked on rotatory shifts between call center departments with alternate weeks in customer-care and sales.

In problem solving or complaints section, a call center representative has to deal with confused and angry customers most of the time. How will you manage to attend to a large number of problematic/angry/rude and demanding callers?
By listening to their problems patiently, solving them and reassuring the angry callers. The trick is to keep yourself cool. When a customer calls in and is abusive or irritated, the best thing to do is empathize and apologize for their displeasure. Ask questions to resolve their issues and if they ask for a supervisor, get him online immediately. Once the problem is resolved, I usually call up the customer to ask for feedback.

What do you believe should the core quality of someone working at a call center be?
Listening and speaking skills along with the ability to impart information effectively. Since working in a call center is all about customer services, it is essential to be able to understand a customer’s problem or question and to be able to provide information that has been asked for.

Can you manage multiple lines at the same time?
Yes, I can. I have had considerable experience in doing so in my previous job and have never been confused between callers. The trick is to keep your mind straight.

How would you rate yourself in communication skills on a scale of 1 to 10?
I would give myself an 8, and I am still working to improve it to 10!

What skills do you possess that will help you perform the call center representative’s duties better than the others?
• Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills
• Superb ability to work under pressure
• Refined analytical and problem-solving ability
• Detail orientation with active listening skills
• Capability to make critical decisions independently

How will you rate your typing skills, from 1 being a beginner and 10 being an expert?
I am an expert at typing 78 wpm on keyboard and 10-key, so ten would be justified.

You have mentioned that you are bilingual. Which languages can you speak and write proficiently?
English and Spanish.

What motivates you to perform a job better?
Appreciation and a friendly workplace environment.

At your previous job, what has been your most significant achievement?
I have always met the sales targets and received awards for the most productive call center agent thrice in four years.

Are you willing to relocate to Ohio?

Are you a better team player or a leader?
Depending on the situation I can adapt to both roles adequately.

How do you convince people and bring them to your stand-point?
By explaining all the positives and negatives of my opinion and giving solutions for every negative if it exists. Plus my confidence helps me win arguments with almost everyone.

What is the difference between a call center and a BPO?
A BPO is a business outsource center which is paid a certain amount by companies whose accounts it is handling to manage customer services. A call center is a company’s own customer care department.

What are your salary expectations?
I am willing to work on your offer per your company’s policy.