HCC Coder Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 22, 2021

Whether you are responding to a job advertisement for the hcc coder position or trying to uncover an opportunity in the hidden job market, you have to write a cover letter.

As a self-marketing tool, the cover letter is a great way for you to communicate what you want to offer, and how what you offer will benefit the organization where you intend to work.

When you are looking for an extraordinary opportunity, it makes sense to write a cover letter that is extraordinary too.

Cover letter writing should be aimed at maximizing message readability.

Your cover letter writing endeavors will never go to waste if you pay some attention to the content.

The quality of your content is what will get you to interview.

A cover letter sample for the hcc coder resume is provided below for your reference:

HCC Coder Cover Letter Sample

Daisy Miller
25 St Catherine Ave
Atlanta, GA 41221
(000) 542-5241

October 22, 2021

Mr. Cyril Grove
Hiring Manager
ABC Healthcare
64 Peel Avenue
Atlanta, GA 78203

Dear Mr. Grove:

This letter is a strong expression of interest in obtaining the HCC Coder job at ABC Healthcare.

Right after I obtained my certification as a medical coder from AHIMA, I worked as an HCC coder for 4 years. Since then, I have learned much about providing coding and coding auditing services to improve the quality of coding documentation and data.

With my ability to perform ongoing analysis of medical and clinical diagnoses, procedures, injuries, and illnesses for appropriate coding compliance, I am sure that I can contribute much to your organization. Over the last few years, I have been diligently performing chart reviews to determine missed diagnoses in the most applicable healthcare settings. With the thoroughness of my nature, along with the ability to develop tools for improved accuracy of coding and documentation, I am positive that I have it in me to provide your facility with benefits, especially in terms of process improvement and coding best practices.

I am sure that once you meet with me, you too will agree that I have much to offer to your facility. To build upon the information that I have provided here, I will contact you next week to secure a possible interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daisy Miller

(000) 542-5241