The summary of qualifications section of administrative assistant resume allows you to state your skills, values and interests to get the notice of the reader. It is a good place to include relevant keywords, buzzwords and requirements that have been mentioned in job description.

Remember it is sometimes easier to make this section once you have written other sections of your resume. Moreover, job description given by the employer will also help you making qualification statements effectively. This section is typically no longer than 4 or 5 sentences. You may write your summary of qualifications in paragraph or bullet form. The summary of qualifications must not duplicate the information further down in your resume.

Administrative Assistant Summary of Qualifications (Paragraphs)

• Adaptable and ambitious individual with good problem solving and team working skills. Proven experience in handling operational support duties along with great ability to manage tier one duties.

• Versatile and well organized administrative assistant with deep knowledge of making administrative and procedural decisions, with the aim of running an infallible office system.

• High energy background in managing administrative duties in a fast-paced marketing environment. Tenacious and resourceful with a great talent for blending creativity and administrative abilities to achieve outstanding results.

• Administrative assistant with high experience in a wide variety of office work. Reliable and methodical with exceptional ability to manage both staff and office issues by exercising tact and good sense.

• An accomplished and results-oriented individual with a strong aptitude for organization and office administration. Committed to the highest levels of professional excellence by virtue of hands-on administrative and operational experience.

• Highly analytic thinker with demonstrated talent for planning, initializing and implementing operational procedures and streamlining complex work procedures. Computer literate with extensive proficiency in a wide variety of applications.

• Professionally trained administrative assistant with a broad range of skills in office administration, operations and clerical work. Proven ability to handle crises situations with delicacy by employing perception and situational discernment.

Method 2: You may also split your qualifications into bullet points rather than writing a paragraph.

Summary of Qualifications for Administrative Assistant Resume (Bullets)

• Highly skilled in greeting visitors, determining nature of business and directing to concerned person

• Able to give accurate and detailed information to visitors

• In-depth knowledge of typing correspondences, reports and other documents

• Proven record of answering telephone, giving relevant information to callers and routing calls to appropriate individual

• Demonstrated ability to schedule appointments and meetings

• Well versed in taking and compiling minutes of meetings

• Thorough understanding of making copies of printed documents, and filing correspondences, reports and records

• Quick at compiling and typing statistical reports and charts

• Adept at arranging travel schedules and reservations

• Computer: Extremely proficient in Microsoft Office applications

• Communication: Able to work and converse efficiently with all levels of colleagues, clients and other external contacts