10 Personal Qualifications of a Medical Administrative Assistant

Updated on: March 26, 2021

Mentioning personal qualifications on a resume or during an interview can make a massive difference to a candidate’s chances of gaining a  medical administrative assistant position.

Employers not only look for prior experience when they skim through resumes/take interviews but also they need to know how much an individual has the potential to perform by virtue of his/her qualifications.

To put it simply, personal attributes/qualifications are all about how well an individual can fit into a work environment.

For someone who works in the medical field, personal qualifications may be more important than anything else as much depends on how he or she interacts with others.

Let us take the example of a medical administrative assistant who will have to bank highly on his or her ability to deal with doctors, nurses, and patients on a personal level.

What kind of qualifications will a prospective employer look for in such a person? Let us see!

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10 Personal Qualifications of a Medical Administrative Assistant

1. Pleasant and Friendly Nature

You do not want to go for a medical check-up or procedure and be greeted by a grumpy medical administrative assistant.

To be able to welcome patients pleasantly is high on the list of personal qualifications of someone working in this position.

2. Compassion

Since medical administrative assistants need to listen to patients’ medical histories and problems, they need to be compassionate.

This virtue makes patients liable to be open about their feelings and confide in them, which in turn makes it easy for medical administrative assistants to gauge them psychologically.

3. Organizational Abilities

To work as a successful medical administrative assistant, one has to be organized.

There is so much information that needs to be handled that without organizational abilities, it is possible to mess up information which can lead to dire circumstances.

4. Self Control

Working at any position in a medical environment may be riddled with apprehensions and difficulties.

For a medical administrative assistant to work professionally, it is important to exercise self-control and to not give in to temper tantrums or judgmental behavior.

5. Adaptability

To be able to go back and forth from an administrative duty to patient duty may not be all that easy – unless of course you have an adaptable nature and can handle this bouncing around!

6. Ability to Follow Directions

The medical world does not allow delay of any kind because one is dealing with human life.

Your ability to understand and follow directions is a trait that you will have to rely on many times a day.

7. Problem-Solving Capabilities

As a medical administrative assistant, you may be in touch with insurance companies regularly and will have to handle claims payments.

You will also be required to answer patients’ questions and assist them with their issues. No room for looking up to a supervisor for direction here!

8. Good Listening Acumen

Here comes one of the most critical personal qualifications in this role. Working as a medical administrative assistant means you will be listening to many patients and their families all day.

You need to be patient and listen carefully because you will be making essential notes!

9. Outgoing

Working as a medical administrative assistant means you will be meeting different types of people (and many of them) each day. If you are not naturally outgoing, you may have a problem with handling conversations on a daily basis!

10. Communication

Last but certainly not least, you will need to be able to get your point across to patients and doctors.

In the role of a medical administrative assistant, you will be talking to many types of people each day, and you need to be clear in your ideas (and information) so that you can pass them on accurately. Medical information is tricky, and there is no room for mistakes!

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