Care Assistant Resume Sample

Updated June 15, 2019

A resume for a care assistant job should be concise and limited to one page.

When uncertain regarding whether or not to include a section or item, make a decision if it supports your objective or goal.


Stress constructive factors and exclude negative ones.

Your resume should be clear and well-organized – essential items must be written first in any section. The arrangement should be plain irrespective of format or template.

While writing a care assistant resume, emphasize your skills, abilities and any experience in providing practical assistance with daily activities to the populace with a range of difficulties.

As a Care Assistant, you might work with kids, people with physical or learning disabilities, older adults, and their families.


Job Overview

It would be helpful for students or new graduates to gain some practical experience in a caring role, possibly through volunteering or with their own family.

Previous experience is probably to be crucial if you plan to work as a Care Assistant for people who have some mental health issues or learning disabilities.

You could work with clients in homes, day centers or in residential settings, for instance, nursing homes.

Your exact duties might differ depending on the type of setup. You might be work as a care aide or social care worker alternatively.

You may get help from the following Resume and this Care Assistant Cover Letter.

This Resume Sample for Care Assistant is useful for both experienced candidates as well as for those who have no experience in the caregiving field.


Care Assistant Resume Example


Elizabeth Smith
22 Valley Street, Kansas City, MO 65981
(000) 352-9656
[email protected]

Care Assistant

Bringing compassionate nature and exceptional caregiving skills.

• Highly skilled in caring for clients of different ages and disabilities.
• Ability to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
• Able to give accurate and detailed care to clients.
• Profound patience and a sense of humor.
• Proven record of a respectful approach towards clients.
• Documented success regarding individual interests and social needs of clients.

• Presented recommendations of the report of elderly clients; those recommendations were well accepted and the majority of them acted upon
• Was offered and taken a position of higher responsibility


Care Assistant
ABC Care Givers – Kansas City, MO ~ 2014 – Present

• Support clients with day by day personal care, for example, washing, dressing, toileting and feeding
• Help people to live without assistance
• Assist in arranging recreational activities
• Accompany clients to and from the residential home

Care Assistant
ABC Care Givers – Kansas City, MO ~ 2011 – 2014

• Facilitated clients organize their finances, pay bills and write letters
• Worked with other health and social care professionals to convey individual care and improvement plans
• Assisted families adjust to new caring responsibilities

High School Diploma
Kansas High School, Kansas City, MO


First Aid – 2010

CPR – 2011

Current Driver’s License with Clean driving record

• A friendly and caring approach
• A genuine aspiration to help people
• Tactful and responsive
• Reliable and flexible

• Team working skills and the ability to work on own plan
• Ability to work inside health and safety guidelines
• Ability to remain calm under pressure and emergency situations

[Include 2 references in this section, otherwise delete this section]


Note: You may be able to get into a Care Assistant job using an Apprenticeship scheme. The range of Apprenticeships accessible in your neighborhood will rely on the local jobs market, and the types of skills employers require from their workers.

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