Healthcare Assistant Resume Sample & Guidance

Updated on: March 26, 2021

In a Healthcare Assistant Resume, the applicant should mention his abilities to help healthcare professionals with the routine care of patients, either in hospitals, care centers, or in patients’ own homes.

Some volunteer experience in a healthcare setting would be an excellent means to get yourself ready for a range of health-related careers such as nursing, midwifery and social work.

Although you might not require any qualifications to start your career as a healthcare assistant, you may need some prior experience (paid or voluntary) in a caring position, particularly if you intend to work with citizens who have mental health issues or learning disabilities.

As a Healthcare Assistant, you may work in NHS, private hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, with private agencies, and in the school district.

Some job titles for Healthcare Assistant:

  • Support Worker
  • Patient Care Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing Auxiliaries

The following is a well-written resume example along with this Healthcare Assistant Cover Letter. It will assist you in your job application process. This sample is handy for entry-level candidates with no experience.

Healthcare Assistant Resume Example

Alina Smith
32 Albert Avenue, Houston, TX 62541
(000) 210-3201
[email protected]

Healthcare Assistant

Poised to utilize exceptional communication and patient care skills to provide outstanding care to patients.

• 7+ years’ hands-on experience in the capacity of healthcare assistant
• Highly skilled in working with people from different backgrounds
• Empathetic and a respectful approach towards patients
• Proven record of tact and sensitivity when providing patients with personal care
• Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team

• Excellent spoken and written communication 
• Dedicated and careful
• High level of accuracy and attention to detail
• Skilled in Word and Excel
• Thorough understanding of medical terminology
• Excellent sense of humor and patience
• A responsive and caring personality
• Fluent in English and Spanish


Healthcare Assistant
ABC Nursing Home, Houston, TX 
2014 – Present

• Assist patients to wash or shower
• Prepare food and help patients to eat
• Make and change linens
• Turn patients who are restricted to bed to avoid pressure sores
• Take vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and respiration
• Provide and collect bedpans, and help patients to the toilet

Patient Care Assistant
ABC Nursing Home, Houston, TX
2011 – 2014

• Ensured the order of ward and patients’ home
• Provided companionship to patients to assist them feels less lonely
• Assisted patients with mobility problems
• Kept supplies and apparatus in order

High School Diploma
Texas High School, Houston, TX

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