Administrative Assistant Accomplishments & Achievements

Updated on June 5, 2019

An administrative assistant is responsible for providing ongoing secretarial and clerical support to an office.

In essence, administrative assistants should be jacks-of-all-trades.


They are expected to perform a vast array of administrative tasks for instance:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Providing preliminary information to customers
  • Maintaining databases and filing systems
  • Coordinating appointments and meetings
  • Managing correspondence

Since administrative assistants have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, they are required to be go-getters.

In addition, their communication skills need to be exceptional. Similarly, they must possess the whole problem solving and time management expertise.


Moreover, they should be flexible in both their work and attitude.

All the qualities of an administrative assistant, as discussed above, need to be reflected in their accomplishments. Employers tend to be more inclined towards candidates who can contribute uniquely.

Let us have a look at some examples of accomplishment statements of an administrative assistant to use in a resume.

These sample phrases will give you a clear idea of what to write in the achievements section of your resume.


Sample Accomplishments for Administrative Assistant Resume

• Provided exceptional support to managers and co-workers, hence increased the overall efficiency by 30%.

• Achieved an appreciation letter because of publishing accurate minutes of the meeting.

• Coordinated team events at the best yet economical locations, saved expenses by 40% consequently.

• Trained 15 newly hired staff members.

• Provided backup support to other departments, which was highly admired by the General Manager.

• Accelerated the appointment system by incorporating an interactive calendar, resulting in hassle-free appointment logging.

• Collaborated with other departments of the company in order to centralize the database for easy retrieval of information.

• Demonstrated excellent abilities in customer orientation by assisting the marketing department in promotional activities and campaigns.

• Introduced a user-friendly electronic filing system, which reduced file retrieval time by 30%.

• Attained the title of Best Employee in 2010 because of excellent customer feedback.

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