If you have ever worked as a gas station clerk before, you will know what an interesting job it is. Many people have this misconception that a gas station clerk just pumps gas; in actuality, there are much more interesting tasks related to this job. Working at this position will provide you with experience of many things such as cashiering, sales and customer services.

Anything that you learn in your position as a gas station clerk, you can employ in a number of work environments. Since customer services are the most important aspect of any job, being friendly and possessing a pleasant nature goes a long way in making one eligible for working at this position. To work as a gas station clerk, you need to possess a high school diploma at the very least – other qualifications may include just a pleasant personality and a go-getter attitude.

To work as a successful gas station clerk, you will need to be physically dexterous as there is much that needs to be lifted and moved.

Sample Job Description for Gas Station Clerk Resume

• Facilitate the work of a gas station manager by providing support in daily functions

• Pump gas for customers and provide them with meter information

• Provide customers with payment information and take payment in cash or credit card

• Ensure that change is counted and returned to customers

• Manage the gas station store reception tasks

• Welcome customers to the gas station store and provide them with information asked for

• Assist guests in locating their choice of item

• Ensure that price labels on each item is current and properly placed

• Scan items to punch them in the database and confirm price

• Take payment in exchange of items sold

• Process credit cards in accordance to set procedures and ensure that they are returned to eh customer immediately

• Bag purchased items and assist customers in carrying them to their vehicles

• Make sure that shelves are stocked properly and replace damaged or expired items immediately

• Dust and set items properly on shelves

• Make sure that the store is clean at all time by sweeping and mopping floors

• Order merchandize that is low in stock and make sure appropriate inventory is maintained

• Create reports of fuel and other items sold

• Maintain information of highways and local roads in order to provide information to customers

• Assist customers by performing minor maintenance work such as adjusting brakes and replacing spark plugs