A convincing cover letter for attorney position enables recruiters to see that the candidate possesses the exact competencies demanded by the position. Legal recruiters read through thousands of cover letters every week. Your cover letter will probably get a couple of minutes at the most. Make sure you chose a catchy format and highlight enough relevant skills that convince the employer that your accompanying resume is worth his or her time and attention.

Attorney Cover Letter Tips:

Following are three golden rules that will help you in writing a contemporary cover letter for attorney position:

• Make sure the letter features a few pertinent qualifications supported by professional accomplishments.

• Always research the company before you begin writing the letter. Get to know them through internet, reviews and newspapers.

• Beginning of the letter should be very impressive. It should not only grab the readers’ attention but inspire them to continue reading.


Attorney Cover Letter Sample 1


Henry Crane

655 Jade Ave • Miami, FL 87333 • (004) 555 – 3333 • henry @ email . com

November 20, 2014

Mr. George Hanks
HR Manager
House of Representatives
89 Evergreen Lane
Miami, FL 87333


Dear Mr. Hanks:

✔ Established ability to manage multiple cases while maintaining commitment to integrity.
✔ A sound reputation in providing effective legal counseling to clients.
✔ Proven expertise in case filing and court representation.

Do the above competencies appeal you as you seek the ideal candidate to fill in your advertised position of attorney? If yes, my resume is enclosed for your consideration.

My interest in the corporate law originated while I was an undergraduate and working on a project related to devising legal solutions to business issues in the corporate sector. In pursuit of a sound career as a business/staff attorney I specialized in corporate law and have been practicing it for 7 years now. I hold a reputation of being highly able to address legal issues, foresee complications and take timely measures to avoid the same.

My effectiveness in preparation of witnesses for deposition of federal cases and proficiency in drafting legal briefs immaculately have always been commended by my previous employers. I am confident that with my skills in legal practice and vast knowledge of varied judicial procedures prevalent in USA I can step into your advertised attorney position and prove to be immediately fruitful for the firm. Call me now to communicate a date and time of your convenience for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henry Crane

Encl. Resume


Cover Letter for Attorney Resume (Sample 2)


39 Boston Post Road
West Haven, CT 99992

January 19, 2013

Ms. Barbara Walters
Hiring Manager
Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc.
3712 Avon Street
West Haven, CT 33433


Dear Ms. Walters:

As a qualified and experienced attorney presently working for Yale Attorneys, I would like to offer my services for the same position at Gibson Arnold & Associates, Inc. With a bachelor’s degree in law, excellence in managing criminal cases and profound legal research skills, I am confident that I am just right candidate for this position.

Since I have worked in law profession extensively, I am comfortable with advising and representing clients in courts and before government agencies. My wide knowledge of federal laws and regulations, policies and procedures of criminal law will be a proven asset to your organization. Additionally, I am extremely skilled in preparing and filing legal documents, such as appeals, contracts, wills, lawsuits, and deeds. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to remain proactive in the courtroom due to my aptitude to research cases thoroughly. My enclosed resume further highlights my law education and work experience.

I look forward to applying my relevant skills to your office and hope to have the opportunity to meet with you about an Attorney position. To inquire about an interview date, I will call your office next week and can be reached at (010) 666-666 in the interim. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Solomon Craig

Enc. Resume