Administrative Officer Cover Letter Sample [+Writing Guide]

Updated on: July 1, 2021

You will be surprised at how much importance an administrative officer cover letter will get when it reaches the hiring manager’s table.

As opposed to the resume (which usually just receives a cursory glance), the cover letter is actually given a lot of thought.

By reading an applicant’s cover letter, a hiring manager can easily determine the type of person who has applied and his or her eligibility for the job. The resume just provides information relating to the latter.

The cover letter writing mantra has been repeated so many times, that it often becomes quite difficult to fathom exactly how to write one that will gain an employer’s favor.

However, no matter how much emphasis is placed on writing a good cover letter, it always falls short of expectations. That is because we as applicants deem the cover letter as nothing more than a mere formality. It is not simply a formality – it is a document that decides your employment future with the company that you intend to work for.

Writing the perfect Administrative Officer cover letter is almost impossible. But you can write one as close to perfect as possible, by religiously following the employer’s instructions. These “instructions” can be found in advertisements – you will notice keywords that the employer has put in for a reason. Use these keywords and phrases in your cover letter and your near-perfect cover letter does not remain an impossibility.

Here is a sample:

Sample Cover Letter for Administrative Officer Position

July 1, 2021

Mr. Danny Freeman
Manager Human Resource
552 Ada Way
Oakdale, CA 33221

Dear Mr. Freeman:

I am interested in speaking with you regarding an administrative officer position with your firm. My clerical and customer service experiences, as well as my administrative certification, have prepared me well to make a significant contribution to your organization.

Organization of things and people is second nature to me. As a passionate administrative professional who has had considerable experience in creating and implementing administrative processes across different departments, I would become a significant part of your team.

If you look through the enclosed resume, you will see that I worked as an Administrative Aide at ABC Company for 2 years – an experience that was not only completely fulfilling but also gave me the opportunity to work in an organization that had a splendid administrative stronghold within. Through this experience, I have been successfully able to carve a niche for myself owing to:

  • Proven ability to manage, plan and administer a range of administrative operations across multiple environments
  • Unmatched talent in coordinating a wide variety of human resource activities including recruitment and training
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing procedures for supply inventories

I will contact you next week to determine if a suitable time can be arranged to meet in person. If you would like to contact me in the interim, please feel free to do so at (000) 222-2222.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Melvin Hunt