The purpose of a cover letter is not to summarize your resume. It must be aimed at calling the reader’s attention to the job relevant elements in your professional background and profile. To write a compelling cover letter for a recreation director position, it is important to convey those qualifications that are being demanded by the prospective employer.

You can format the main body of your cover letter objectively so as to highlight your core competencies. Support your claims by mentioning some relevant examples. The position requires exclusive communication skills, your cover letter might be treated as a written sample in this regard. Remember to make it impressive by speaking to the employer’s needs.

Following is a cover letter sample for recreation director resume.

Recreation Director Cover Letter Example

January 13, 2015

Mr. Jason Fredrick
HR Manager
Appalachian Mountain Club
92 Cherry Tree Lane
Boston, MA 67002


Dear Mr. Fredrick:

Your ad for a Recreation Director position piqued my interest since your job description closely complements my professional profile:

✔ 6+ years’ hands on experience in developing, designing and implementing various community centered recreational projects
✔ Substantial knowledge of legal requirements and paperwork related to recreational contract binding
✔ Skilled in planning and designing various innovative recreational projects. Experienced in developing population focused recreational ideas
✔ Track record of managing the recreational budget effectively

If you seek a competent recreations director who can achieve positive outcomes in a minimum time, call me now at (003) 555-4444 to schedule a meeting. Time spent in interviewing me will definitely translate into time invested for the betterment of the Appalachian mountain club.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alicia Shane

Encl. Resume