Top 10 Financial Accountant Achievements for Resume

Updated: September 2, 2022

The resume is the perfect place to outline and highlight your achievements in a Financial Accountant capacity.

No resume is complete without the achievements section.

If you need to create a positive first impression on a hiring manager, make sure that you write the achievements sections properly.

What is an achievement?

It is necessary to understand what achievements are before you begin identifying them.

An achievement is any success to your name, which has had a significant impact on the company where you were working – a significant positive effect.

That can be determined by the many tasks that you have performed in the past, and how successful you have been to make them work for the company.

Your achievement is anything that you may have accomplished in a workplace – this may include an increase in customer base or a decrease in costs.

Depending on the type of work it is that you are performing, you can write your achievements in a dedicated section of your resume.

It will allow hiring managers to drool over what you have done in the past, in hopes of you repeating the action in the future – at their organization.

For a financial accountant position, the following achievements statements can be looked through for reference purposes:

Sample Achievements for Financial Accountant Resume

  1. Decreased overhead costs by $50000 per year, by implementing a novel budget system.
  2. Successfully implemented a new financial accounting system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already being followed.
  3. Decreased discrepancies in accounting entries by 50% by introducing a discrepancy management system.
  4. Devised a core forecasting system, replacing the old, inefficient one, within 4 months of joining the organization.
  5. Implemented a detailed risk analysis system, aimed at assessing potential investments, and any repercussions that may arise.
  6. Planned and executed a financial trends analysis workshop, to provide finance staff with insight into the concept.
  7. Partnered with relevant managers and department heads within the organization, resulting in increased comprehension of the financial system.
  8. Reconciled a particularly difficult to manage entry, which had been in a state of limbo for over four weeks.
  9. Decreased the time it took to manage accounts receivables and payables for year-end closings, by a staggering 75%.
  10. Trained over 30 finance and accounting staff members, during their induction periods with the company.