Top 16 Finance Manager Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 20, 2023

Accomplishments information is extremely important to place on your resume when applying for a finance manager position. Why?

Well, this information will make it easy for hiring managers to decide to hire you. How?

Because your accomplishments in a previous role say exactly how you will work in a future one.

The way in which you write your Finance Manager achievements statements is important.

Firstly, you will need to focus on the several times you came out shining in certain situations. For instance, streamlining cash flow is an accomplishment. So is successfully implementing a cost reduction system.

It is important to realize that your achievements are sometimes the sole reason a hiring manager would want to hire you.

Similarly, it is imperative to highlight that you are a great individual, who can effectively accomplish much in terms of redesigning financial systems and implementing goals and objectives.

This information will tell the hiring manager that you are the best person to hire because you will have a lot to contribute to the company.

Some achievements examples for a finance manager resume are provided here for your reference:

Top 16 Finance Manager Resume Accomplishments Examples

  1. Implemented a unique financial reporting system, as a result, increased reporting efficiency by 50%.
  2. Devised an investment strategy, which earned over $50,000 in profits in 2 months.
  3. Introduced the concept of trend research, hence, obtained knowledge of competitive advantage.
  4. Successfully administered financial budgets, with required results, between 2017 and 2022.
  5. Singlehandedly implemented a future trend determination plan, receiving high accolades from the higher management.
  6. Minimized financial risk to the company by implementing core finance coverage plans.
  7. United multiple teams post-merger that doubled effort and results.
  8. Streamlined the accounts payable and receivable systems, as a result, increased process efficiency.
  9. Improved ties with all departments, which made it easy to reach out to them concerning financial matters.
  10. Suggested a loan management system, and as a result, returned a corporate bank loan 3 months in advance.
  11. Trained 52 individuals to work in the finance department, as part of their induction program.
  12. Created a novel training methodology, considered 50% more effective than standard training programs.
  13. Resolved a financial conflict between 2 departments by mediating the issue successfully.
  14. Achieved Employee of the Month 5 times in a row, owing to excellence in work processes.
  15. Held a perfect attendance record, hence, received constant commendations from managers.
  16. Wrote the book on financial systems management, now being used as a training tool for newly hired employees.

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