Financial Accountant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 9, 2018

Position Overview

A financial accountant is an essential person for a company that has high accounting needs.

The main work of a person working at this position is to support financial decisions by providing data collection, analyzing, and investigating assistance.

The work is complicated as it involves many numbers and calculations, and requires someone who can handle the complexities associated with it.

Position Requirements

To work as a financial accountant, you have to possess a degree in accounting. If you have worked in a similar capacity before, you will be considered a good hire. Some financial accountants are also hired at the entry level, so an experienced individual is not always needed.

As a financial accountant, you will be expected to perform many duties that involve analyzing information and summarizing data. You will also be required to respond to inquiries regarding financial accounting issues, by interpreting and providing data, and explaining financial accounting activities to departmental heads, in a language that they can comprehend.

Analyzing the economic stability of the organization, providing financial information on a departmental level, assisting department heads in making budgeting and investment decisions, and reporting on costs, productivity, margins, and company expenditure are all in a day’s work for an individual working as a financial accountant.

Some primary duties that a financial accountant is required to perform on a regular basis include:

Job Description for Financial Accountant Resume

• Prepare periodic profit and loss reports, along with creating balance sheets.

• Perform tax reporting and inventory processing activities, and collect and analyze data to be used in the preparation of periodic reports.

• Provide advice on estimates for different project and project module funding.

• Prepare weekly cash flow statements, and control both expenditure and cash flow.

• Respond to financial queries, ensuring that the right data and information has been interpreted.

• Conduct internal auditing work, including wage reviews, and examine all financial records to ensure accuracy.

• Manage statutory accounts production, and ensure that compliance processes are appropriately undertaken.

• Handle tax compliance activities while ensuring the adherence of same.

• Perform treasury management activities, including administration of accounts and authorities.

• Oversee and lead the cash forecasting process to provide active management of cash.

• Identify and escalate issues and problems promptly.

• Manage finance systems to ensure that robust controls are put in place, regarding user access control.

• Create and maintain business partnerships with relevant managers, aimed at providing financial support and information.

• Assemble information for periodic tax filings, and liaise with auditors to ensure that draft statutory accounts remain accurate.