Top 6 Assistant Accountant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: July 18, 2021

An accounting assistant resume objective is written for one reason solely – hiring managers do not want to read an entire 2 or 3-page document, trying to guess what type of position you are looking for and how you would be good for it.

But there is a right and a wrong time to use an objective statement.

Use a resume objective when you have less or no experience in hand or have a greatly diversified background.

By writing a resume objective, you will be able to chart out for them exactly what it is that they need. The main advantage of a resume objective is to quickly communicate your passion.

Some examples of resume objectives that identify the writer’s needs quickly are provided here:

6 Best Sample Objectives to Use in an Assistant Accountant Resume

1. Talented Assistant Accountant seeking a position at Destination Hotels and Resorts to provide the advantage of deep insight into processing and reconciling accounts payable invoices and handling accounts coding activities.

2. To obtain employment as an Assistant Accountant at Cox Automotive. Poised to offer skills in coding invoices, reviewing accounting documents for accuracy, and balancing accounts to ensure completeness and conformity to accounting procedures.

3. Self-motivated Assistant Accountant looking for a similar position at Sage Hospitality Resources. Bringing expertise in preparing accounts receivable invoices and processing payments efficiently and accurately.

4. Strong desire to obtain a position as an Assistant Accountant at Russell Cellular. Offering 6 years’ track record of preparing daily consolidated deposits of cash received and maintaining and acting upon cash variances, according to standard operating procedures.

5. To work as an Assistant Accountant for Concord Hospitality. Bringing proficiencies in verifying the accuracy of invoices, handling general ledger coding, and responding to vendor inquiries regarding payments.

6. Seeking an Assistant Accountant position with Golden Nugget to make the most of my skills in preparing invoices and checks, maintaining vendor files, reconciling general ledgers, and auditing invoices.