Assistant Accountant Resume Sample [Writing Tips]

Updated on: July 18, 2021

An assistant accountant resume is a 1-page document that consists of different sections, such as:

• Summary or Objective Statement
• Work Experience and Accomplishments
• Education
• Professional Skills

On the other hand, there are a few things that must never be part of a resume, such as:

• Social security number
• Date of Birth
• The term “references available on request.”
• Your professional phone number or email address such as [email protected]

By omitting these from your resume, you are doing yourself a great favor as you are getting rid of unwanted information and concentrating on more essential resume components.

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Study the example below to get ideas:

Sample Resume for Assistant Accountant Position

Lisa White
88 Louisiana Avenue, Knoxville, TN 88585
(000) 142-7454
lisawhite @ email . com



  • 7+ years’ progressive experience in processing payments and financial transactions according to specified accounting principles.
  • Highly talented in maintaining accounting records and reconciling bank statements.
  • Skilled in verifying financial reports by running performance analysis software and handling reconciliations.
  • A hardworking individual who has a demonstrated expertise in calculating payments to make sure that they are accurately posted in the system.
  • Able to manage petty cash transactions and to keep records of spent monies in predefined accounting systems


Assistant Accountant
G3 Enterprises, Knoxville, TN

• Reconciled particularly difficult accounting reports that have been in limbo for four months.
• Introduced the concept of electronic spreadsheets, reducing preparation time by 30%.
• Implemented an accounting coding system, increasing system efficiency by 70%.
• Processed 50+ payments and documents such as invoices and journal vouchers per day.
• Calculated rates and price extensions and verify items billed against ordered items.
• Entered, updated, and retrieved accounting data from automated systems.
• Posted financial data to accurate accounts in accordance to provide instructions.
• Retrieved system reports and assign codes to accounting data.

Accounting Assistant
AES Inc, Knoxville, TN

• Converted the entire accounting system from paper format to electronic format within six months.
• Maintained accounting database by entering data into set electronic accounting database and processing backups.
• Disbursed funds by using manual warrants and petty cash and endorsed money orders.
• Reconciled accounts to ensured that any problems are fixed, and discrepancies are addressed in real-time.
• Calculated salaries and benefits and handle daily bank deposit postings.
• Assisted with year-end audits and provided reports on creditors and debtors.

Accounting Intern
Golden Nugget, Knoxville, TN

• Collected invoices and receipts and posted them into predefined accounting databases
• Handled bank reconciliation and balancing activities and posted bank receipts on a daily basis
• Assisted in year-end audit analysis and budget preparation activities
• Created reports on debtors and creditors and performed follow up activities
• Assisted in quarterly VAT return preparation and completed sales invoices and reports

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Knoxville Accounting School, Knoxville, TN – 2008

• Credit Control
• Debt Management
• Spreadsheets
• Statutory Accounts Management
• Refund Voucher Preparation
• Automated Accounting Systems
• Petty Cash Management
• Accruals and Prepayments
• Reconciliation
• Reports Verification
• Codes Assigning
• Budget Preparation