Accounting Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on September 28, 2018

To handle the finance related matters of any company, many individuals have to work together. An accounting department of an organization brings a lot of value to the organization as far as finances are concerned. Accounting clerks hold an important position in an accounting department. They handle all duties that have anything to do with money. From posting daily receipts to tallying deposits, each activity that they perform is vital to the company.

Accounting clerks are hired only if they fit the job description like a glove. This is because companies cannot afford even a single discrepancy in their accounts. Proven understanding of accounting principles and booking procedures is a given – strong work ethics and great attention to detail go a long way in making an individual eligible for this position. Computer proficiency and the ability to use modern accounting software is another given if you want to work as an accounting clerk.

Following are some major duties that an accounting clerk is required to perform.

Job Description for Accounting Clerk Resume

• Perform accounting duties such as handling accounts receivables and payables
• Match bills, invoices, purchase order and credit card statements
• Manage payroll duties such as confirming submissions and approval of employee time-sheets
• Ensure accuracy of accounts payable and receivables
• Maintain vendor information and obtain tax identifications from vendors
• Manage data entry procedures of expense reports
• Classify and code transactions to designated codes
• Establish voucher expiry and due dates
• Monitor pending payments and review client invoice payments against bills
• Organize and prepare vouchers for check preparations
• File invoices and release payments as deemed appropriate
• Review credit card transactions and reconciliation
• Reconcile recorded cash transactions with bank statements
• Upload checks to the website on a daily basis
• Reconcile unusual requests and past due invoices
• Keep track of company credit cards and their usage
• Deposit payments receipts into appropriate banks
• Prepare and distribute daily cash reports
• Manage incoming remittances and make the account to account transfers when prompted
• Manage petty cash and oversee safe contents
• Prepare information for and file tax returns
• Calculate interests on loans and credit accounts
• Type vouchers, reports, and other documents
• Perform auditing duties and note down errors
• Ensure that any errors or discrepancies are handled appropriately
• Investigate cause of discrepancies and take measures to ensure it does not reoccur
• Pay bills and order supplies and ensure that inventory is handled
• Contact owners of delinquent accounts and solicit payment

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