Warehouse Picker Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 26, 2021
Warehouse Picker Job Description

It is not easy to locate the product in a warehouse environment because warehouses are huge places.

Therefore, the need for a dedicated order picker is a necessity for businesses.

Warehouse pickers and packers pick orders and deliver them to the delivery platform of the warehouse they are working in.

Filling orders, handling order inventory, and operating forklifts to perform these jobs are some typical duties of a warehouse picker.

A warehouse picker may select, store, pack, and monitor products within a storehouse or warehouse environment depending on his individual work setting.

Typically, warehouse pickers select products that have been asked for by a company or a customer, ensure that they are not damaged, and send them to the origin of the order.

This position is a position of responsibility as customers expect that their requests to be delivered to them undamaged and in a time-efficient manner.

It is up to a warehouse picker to ensure that all this is possible.

Warehouse Picker Duties and Responsibilities

• Take orders from customers or companies regarding needed product items
• Locate product in the warehouse using location forms
• Pull products from shelves and ensure that they are not damaged
• Test products (such as electronic) to ensure that they are in proper working order
• Use racking systems and forklifts to pull the order from shelves or stores
• Place orders of pallets for shipping purposes
• Load and unload shipments and place shipments on racking systems
• Complete necessary paperwork and prepare invoices
• Operate barcode scanners during put-away processes
• Pack item kits in accordance with specifications provided by the customer or company
• Ensure the accuracy of each order
• Ensure a clean working area at all times
• Refer to pick reports for work orders
• Mark items with stock codes
• Track and maintain inventory for all items in storage
• Transport pallets to loading docks and assist in unloading items
• Document every action on paper and in a predefined database
• Perform maintenance of assembly tracks and forklifts on a periodic basis
• Seal all pulled orders in shrinking plastic to ensure safety
• Perform stocking duties and ensure restocking of each product pulled from the inventory

Warehouse Picker Job Requirements

To work as a warehouse picker, it is important to possess a high school diploma at the very least.

Physical dexterity and the ability to read and carry out instructions are essential if you want to work in this position.