Accounting Associate Job Description

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Position Overview

An accounting assistant or associate works under the direct supervision of a certified accountant.

The main work of a person at this position is to ensure that the company’s accounting procedures remain in check at all times.

Accounting Associate Job Requirements

In order to be eligible for an accounting associate position, you have to possess a degree in accounting or finance. In addition, previous experience counts as well.

Skills & Knowledge

Working at this position is not without its challenges as one has to work with finances. It is imperative to be accurate, and possess the ability to determine errors and problems as they occur.

Also, it is very important to possess knowledge of creating and maintaining accounting records and files.

Liaison with banks and vendors is also important which is why you must possess excellent communication skills.

Since accounting associates have to be accurate at all times, it is imperative for them to check their work constantly.

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If this is the work that you intend to do, here is a list of job duties that you can refer to:

Accounting Associate Job Description

• Administer all accounting, tax, and financial processes.

• Create documents such as accounts receivable and payable invoices.

• Ensure that all payments are made on time.

• Confer with accountants in order to determine their specific filing requirements.

• Maintain accounting and payroll files.

• Assist in collection and payment reconciliation activities.

• Support sales and customer requests as they relate to accounting services.

• Handle petty cash, and create correlating reports.

• Reconcile account entries and handle discrepancies according to protocol.

• Review and process payrolls.

• Create and maintain filing systems for all records.

• Research on various accounting processes, and analyze variances.

• Coordinate with internal auditors in order to ensure that processes are properly carried out.

• Enter information into the system regarding accounts and finance entries.

• Set up, use, and maintain spreadsheet applications particular to the system.

• Generate monthly accounts receivable invoices, including printing, folding, and regenerating invoices as requested.

• Approve and process accounts receivable charges and adjustments.

• Ensure standard review of accounts for proper handling of transactions.

• Create and maintain liaison with banks and other financial services.

• Follow up with clients in order to encourage them to make timely payments.

• Maintain both general and subsidiary ledgers and records.

• Develop and maintain reports and statements for various state and regulatory filings.

• Maintain accounting and payroll files and backup documentation in accordance with specified protocols of the company.

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