Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated February 23, 2021
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Accounts Payable Clerk Job Description

An accounting department of any company needs the services of many professionals to make it work in a smooth fashion.

Accounts payable clerks are specially hired to handle a company’s billing needs as far as bills and invoices are concerned.

They work closely with other departments in order to coordinate invoicing efforts and are actually the sole point of contact where bills are concerned.

A major part of an accounts payable clerk’s work is to handle discrepancies and decide which payments need to be issued.

They perform a lot of reconciliation activities and also handle tax matters of the company that they are working for.

They need to be in touch with each department within a company so that they can confer the needs for payments and gain reconciliation support.

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Sample Job Description for Accounts Payable Clerk Resume

  • Scrutinize requests for payments for projects or materials
  • Ensure that payments are issued for approved projects or materials in a time-efficient manner
  • Code payable invoices in accordance to correct ledger codes
  • Make sure that checks are issued in a correct manner
  • Perform matching activities of invoices and orders
  • Identify and correct errors and discrepancies in invoices or bills
  • Prepare checks and other payment instruments, have them signed by designated authorities, and ensure delivery to the right recipients
  • Perform expense charging duties
  • Handle informational logs for all outgoing payments
  • Make lists of payable amounts and ensure all payments are made on time
  • Perform bookkeeping activities by providing assistance in preparing monthly, quarterly and annual report
  • Handle structuring of accounts payable procedures in order to ensure smooth working
  • Process backup reports and perform limited data entry tasks
  • Maintain general ledgers and produce financial reports on a designated time frame
  • Interview, hire and train new employees to work in the accounts department
  • Perform payroll management duties in accordance with the human resource department’s directives
  • Calculate salaries based on working days, leaves and added bonuses
  • Ensure that salaries are transferred into a designated account in time for payday
  • Design accounts payable systems and policies in accordance with the company’s protocols
  • Review the provided documentation and determine the need and appropriateness of payments requested
Accounts Payable Clerk Job Requirements

To gain employment as an accounts payable clerk, one needs to possess a strong mathematical and bookkeeping background. Some hands-on experience is desirable.

Where do Accounts Payable Clerks work

Accounts payable clerks work in multiple industries such as hotels, schools, hospitals, and businesses; in smaller concerns, an accountant may perform the job of both accounts payable and receivable clerk.

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