Student Services Coordinator Job Description and Duties

Updated January 30, 2021
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Student Services Coordinator Job Description 

As a single point of contact for students, parents, and teachers that address student concerns, the position of a student services coordinator holds great importance within academic settings.

Working in an extremely demanding position, student services coordinators serve as catalysts that bring school-based resources with target community resources along with ensuring that a system is created which is conducive to student strength in an educational environment.

While specific duties of these professionals depend on where they are employed, in general, he or she is responsible for interacting with students and providing them either administrative or personal guidance or both.

They listen to students’ problems and communicate them to the management of the institute and may also act as arbitraries between students and staff.

Here is a list of the job duties that a student services coordinator performs depending on his or her work setting:

Student Services Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Develop and implement effective outreach programs targeted at providing adequate services to students
• Ensure that all outreach programs are aimed at student retention and success
• Identify and resolve student concerns by acting as a mediator
• Handle incoming inquiries or student concerns
• Assist new students through admission processes
• Lead existing student through new program registration processes
• Prepare and deliver student orientation sessions
• Maintain documentation for outreach programs
• Participate in development activities aimed at student awareness and retention
• Prepare and deliver regular student activity and audit reports
• Provide information regarding distance learning programs
• Maintain student contact notes and records
• Track prospective students from the query point to the registration processes
• Serve as a backup first point of contact
• Compose correspondence for a wide range of subjects
• Take and transcribe dictation and ensure proper maintenance of all files
• Assist in the allocation of expenditures in assigned functional areas
• Collect and analyze information and statistics and summarize findings
• Prepare for and participate in college or school events
• Prepare materials for seminars and workshops
• Monitor students with identified needs and complete appropriate paperwork
• Maintain student case reports and developmental histories
• Create and maintain liaison with teachers, counselors, and parents

Student Services Coordinator Education Requirements

Student services coordinators need to possess a high school degree to apply for this position. However, many academic institutes prefer that the people they hire at this position have excellent analytic and problem-solving skills.