11 Accounting Assistant Achievements for Resume

Updated on: January 25, 2023

Writing an accomplishments-based resume for an accounting assistant position is all the rage nowadays. And due to good reason.

The recruiter needs to know how well you are well suited for the Accounting Assistant job.

By highlighting your accomplishments, you are buying success. Think of the list of your achievements as a script that you will use to describe what you are capable of, to the hiring manager.

Accounting assistant achievements are all about what you have done in the past and how you can replicate them in the future.

While the latter part of this statement needs to be kept under wraps, it is important to dwell on it when writing an achievement statement on your resume.

When a hiring manager reads the achievements section, he immediately wants to know if you really are that capable. Mere curiosity may lead him to call you for an interview, so write wisely.

So why do you have to make it clear that you are an accomplished individual?
Isn’t it obvious if you are being offered a good paycheck and a high-flying job?

No, it is not obvious. What you are capable of achieving is something only you know. But this information has to be communicated to the employer as well. And not just communicated but communicated effectively.

Accounting Assistant Achievements are:

• A description of the event
• What made the event so important?
• What you did do to make it happen?
• The measurable results

And this is how achievements are worded on a resume:

Sample Achievements for Accounting Assistant Resume

  1. Streamlined the accounting system by introducing centralized accounting procedures
  2. Reconciled a particularly difficult set of accounts that had remained in the “unaccounted for” category for over 3 years.
  3. Entered 1500 accounting entries into the database system within 3 hours.
  4. Implemented an automatic calculating system that checked payments, amounts, and records for accuracy and completeness on a set scale.
  5. Redesigned the present accounting system and streamlined it by incorporating the latest accounting software into it.
  6. Overhauled the accounting system which decreased the chances of discrepancies by 50%.
  7. Tracked a particularly difficult-to-decipher accounting problem within 5 hours of taking the initiative.
  8. Coined the now-famous buzzword Token which denotes extra entries in accounting books.
  9. Reduced stationery costs by 58% by suggesting the implementation of an “all-electronic” office environment
  10. Increased payroll efficiency by 88% by suggesting and implementing self-service systems that saw employees handling their accounts online.
  11. Self-audited the accounting system and discovered and corrected 59 discrepancies in charts of accounts, before the actual annual audit.