If you are on this page because you are applying for the job of a waitress and are looking for a perfect objective for your resume, let us help you.

An objective statement is the most important part of waitress’s resume because it conveys your enthusiasm to work for a specific employer while utilizing your relevant skills and expertise.

The following statements will give you  good idea how to write an effective objective for waitress position.


Waitress Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a Waitress position with Yentle Cuisine where bilingual capabilities, proven ability to develop effective customer relations and exceptional hospitality skills may be fully utilized to increase patron’s and maximize revenue

• An enthusiastic individual looking for a Waitress position at Blue Flame Food. Offering friendly and neat personality, excellence in bilingual communication and exceptional knowledge of the food service industry

• To work for John’s Seafood as a Waitress employing love of working in a fast paced environment and successive efficiency to serve the restaurant’s customers effectively

• Seeking a position as a Waitress with Cod Club utilizing comprehensive knowledge of food and beverages service to provide excellence in hospitality services

• To obtain a Waitress position at Marco Polo Lounge, Hilton. Offering exceptional ability to “think on my feet” along with natural flair for persuasive communication in order to improve the restaurant’s patronage


Waitress Job Overview

Waitresses are responsible for ensuring that everything is coordinated well enough so that customers never need to complain. Being a waitress is often a difficult and thankless job. Customers tend to take the efforts of a waitress for granted but in actuality, they are responsible for providing customers with the best of services. They greet customers as they arrive, manage seating arrangements for them, take orders, deliver orders to the kitchen and serve orders. Working as a waitress is like racing against time; you need to be pleasant even in times of sheer distress, be accurate where orders are concerned and ensure that every order is delivered in a time efficient manner.

It is no wonder that waitresses overuse the term, “I have been run off my feet today!” This sentence so defines a waitress’s work day. Restaurant Managers, when hiring waitresses, are usually very choosy about picking just the right one. You have to be presentable with a pleasing personality, physically dexterous and know perfectly what your job entails if you want to be a successful waitress.