Maintenance Worker Requirements

The basic educational requirement for working as a maintenance worker is a high school diploma or a GED. However, it is important for maintenance workers to possess a background in mechanical or electrical work as they perform many tasks that are particular to repair work. They usually gain employment in places such as residential or office buildings, hospitals, schools and universities and in hotels as well. Many maintenance workers are required to work not just around the building but also maintain the grounds as well although there may be specialized people hired to work as grounds maintenance workers.

Maintenance Worker Job Scope

There is a lot of work a maintenance worker needs to do at the start of his day. He usually begins by inspecting the buildings and grounds to determine any problems that may have arisen during the previous night. If and when a problem such as a broken windowsill or a doorknob or an electrical fault is determined, it is the duty of a maintenance worker to ensure that it is fixed. Any acts of vandalism such as graffiti also needs to be removed by a maintenance worker. Since maintenance workers are required to ensure the general upkeep of the building that they are responsible for, they need to possess certain skills in order to perform their work properly.

Sample Skills for Maintenance Worker Resume

Below is a list of skills that a maintenance worker will need to possess in order to qualify for this position:

• Knowledge of general and preventative maintenance procedures aimed at handling both buildings’ and grounds’ maintenance
• Proven ability to work in extreme weather conditions – such as during rain and heat waves
• Extensive knowledge of inspecting buildings for faults or signs of vandalism
• Sound mechanical and electrical aptitude aimed at handling repairing tasks
• Strong background in handling maintenance equipment and tools in a manner conducive to safe practices
• Extensive knowhow of performing repair and maintenance on equipment and tools
• In depth knowledge of trash disposal activities and protocols
• Adept at using power tools aimed handling both grounds and building maintenance procedures
• Substantial knowledge of assembling, installing and repairing electrical components and piping systems
• Strong ability to diagnose mechanical issues and determine appropriate measures to handle them
• Thorough understanding of plumbing activities with a special focus on handling inherent issues inside plumbing areas such as toilets and kitchens
• Strong background in managing HVAC related maintenance issues
• Exceptional hand-eye coordination targeted at handling diverse maintenance and cleanliness issues in a proactive manner
• Considerable knowledge of operating manual and power mowers for the purpose of maintaining grounds
• Demonstrated ability to lift and move heavy objects owing to exceptional physical dexterity