Top 16 Building Maintenance Worker Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 21, 2021

Everyone is skilled – the problem is that we do not know where to look for our skills. Well, we need to look for them within ourselves.

If you are applying for a job as a building maintenance worker, for instance, you will need to make sure that you are actually skilled for it. You may want to look at the following list of skills for a building maintenance worker resume.

Sample Skills for Building Maintenance Worker Resume

  1. Highly skilled in troubleshooting problems including electrical, structural, plumbing, and equipment repair work.
  2. Demonstrated ability to perform preventative building maintenance tasks including caulking windows and doors.
  3. Hands-on experience in handling routine plumbing repairs including unstopping toilets, sinks, and urinals, and fixing water leaks.
  4. Proficient in assembling furniture and equipment and replacing and repairing doorknobs, locks, and window latches.
  5. Adept at assisting in the installation, repair, and maintenance of roofs and repairing HVAC systems.
  6. Competent in troubleshooting and maintaining electrical distribution systems including electric motors and clock and fire systems.
  7. Ability to handle the inspection, repair, and replacement duties pertaining to pumps, valves, and boiler systems.
  8. Skilled in establishing, monitoring, and carrying out preventative maintenance tasks on buildings, grounds, and equipment.
  9. Deep insight into handling garbage disposal activities aimed at collecting and removing garbage and recyclable materials in a safe manner.
  10. Focused on ensuring reduction in the need for repairs by employing measures to perform periodic maintenance work.
  11. Proficient in performing rough painting, concrete laying, and patch plastering.
  12. Able to perform semi-skilled tasks in construction, repair, and maintenance of wooden structures and articles.
  13. Special talent for making minor adjustments to equipment such as belt and pulley alignments, coupling alignments.
  14. Demonstrated ability to monitor and maintain equipment daily while performing general maintenance tasks such as corrosion control and painting.
  15. Unique talent to help with and general support as needed.
  16. Recognized for ensuring that work areas are kept clean and tidy.