Hospital Maintenance Worker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 3, 2021

You might not even have noticed the maintenance worker who spent a lot of time cleaning your room and making sure that all was well within it, the last time you spent time at the hospital.

Hospital maintenance workers are very important, without them the entire hospital system can collapse. So the next time you see one quietly fixing a broken window or installing blinds, say a little thank you.

Hospital Maintenance Worker Job Overview

The trouble with hospital maintenance workers is that they are hardly ever seen – but their work is! Typically, they are responsible for ensuring that everything within the hospital premises looks neat and well taken care of. This also includes grounds and parking areas where they perform a lot of cleaning up and repair and maintenance work.

In some hospitals, maintenance workers double up as cleaners as well so the list of duties that you see at the end of this introduction will include those too.

Hospital maintenance workers have to be extremely agile as they are on their feet all day long. Some technical expertise is required of them as they often handle wiring work, so if you are one of those who have an interest in electrical work, you may start out working as a hospital maintenance worker.

Refer to the list of job duties of a hospital maintenance worker below:

Sample Job Description for Hospital Maintenance Worker Resume

• Clean floors using brooms, mops, and scrubbing cloths
• Empty wastepaper baskets and ensure that all garbage is properly disposed of
• Carry hospital waste in properly sealed boxes and arrange for it to be transported to waste management facilities
• Clean and repair windows, doors, window sills, and door locks
• Perform preventative and general maintenance tasks on the inside and outside of hospital buildings
• Assist the gardening staff in handling grounds-keeping activities and lay down electric wires for lights and lamps in the grounds
• Repair and replace tiles inside the building and in parking lots
• Change bulbs and repair and replace sockets
• Clean and inspect boilers and treat water with proper chemicals such as chlorine
• Calibrate and repair pneumatic systems to ensure constant delivery of utility services to patients and hospital staff
• Handle repair and maintenance work on electric locks and alarm systems
• Assist with renovation or/and remodeling activities including repairing plasters and drywall and painting structures
• Handle custodial duties such as snow removal and lawn mowing
• Create and maintain inventories of supplies needed for cleaning, repair, and maintenance work