Facility Maintenance Worker Job Description

Updated on: March 31, 2019

Position Overview

A facility maintenance worker is hired in many capacities such as residential and commercial buildings, or offices.

His or her main work is to ensure the upkeep and cleanliness of assigned areas within the building.


Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a facility maintenance worker.

However, previous experience in a cleaning or janitorial role will help immensely. As a facility maintenance worker, it is important that you understand cleaning, maintenance, and repair work.

Moreover, it is important for people working at this position to be knowledgeable about using tools, supplies and equipment particular to this trade. This will include knowledge of cleaning liquids and buffing equipment.


As a facility maintenance worker, you will be expected to be physically strong. A lot of strength and dexterity is required to do justice to this job. Also, recruiters will expect that you are thorough in what you do.

A list of job duties particular to the position of a facility maintenance worker is provided below:

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Facility Maintenance Worker Job Description

• Obtain and check orders to perform cleaning and maintenance work.

• Arrange for supplies, tools, and equipment to be used for cleaning and maintenance tasks.

• Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping and mopping.

• Sanitize floors and other surfaces using the right mixes of sanitizing liquids and chemicals.

• Use equipment like vacuum cleaners and buffers to clean and polish floors and carpets.

• Wash and disinfect bathrooms.

• Replenish supplies such as toilet paper, towels, and soaps.

• Oversee and assist with the installation of equipment on premises.

• Check all alarm systems CCTV in order to ensure good working conditions.

• Empty waste from dustbins and ashtrays.

• Perform waste disposal activities in accordance with protocols.

• Set up and tear down rooms for meetings and conferences.

• Clear snow from entrances and egresses.

• Pick up supplies and materials from vendor vans.

• Deliver equipment to the right rooms or offices.

• Oversee inventory in order to ensure adequate levels.

• Check control panels and electrical wiring, and perform repairs when required.

• Inspect and troubleshoot equipment, for example, HVAC, and fire alarms.

• Assist skilled workers such as carpenters and painters in performing their work.

• Perform minor electrical repair work like fixing wires and loose batteries.

• Handle plumbing maintenance work such as repair of water systems and boilers.

• Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on facility systems, as well as equipment used for maintenance purposes.

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