Highway Maintenance Worker Job Description and Duties

Updated on: February 23, 2021
Highway Maintenance Worker Job Description

Maintenance workers perform many tasks to ensure that highways are safe for drivers.

It is their main responsibility to keep the highway free of debris and ditches in order to avoid accidents and problems for drivers.


They also need to assist construction or repair work and flagging down motorists to guide them away from a place of repair.

Highway maintenance workers need to be trained in handling different types of machinery and tools to help them get their jobs done.

They dig holes and pour and smooth out cement to ensure proper levels in a road.

Also, they clear the garbage and mow bush from roads to ensure motor safety.

Highway maintenance workers use different types of machinery to help them do their work such as motor graders, brooms, backhoes, and dump trucks.

Moreover, they are entrusted with painting road signs and dividing lines.

For highway maintenance workers, it is important to possess licenses for the vehicles that they drive.

Besides, they need to know how to perform maintenance tasks on trucks and other equipment in order to make sure that they work efficiently.

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Highway Maintenance Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Install warning signs on highways and motorists away from a maintenance site

• Repair broken roads and patch potholes to ward off accidents or inconveniences

• Perform repair work on detached or broken guardrails

• Clear debris and snow off highways to ensure motor safety

• Lay asphalt and mix, pour and smooth out cement to even out potholes or ditches

• Remove bushes and trees from roads by using specialized equipment and techniques

• Place detour and stop signs on the road and remove roadkill

• Assist in cleaning storm drains and culverts

• Inspect, clean, and repair drainage systems

• Repair road shoulders and erect highway markers and warning signs

• Handle roadside landscaping work by assisting landscaping specialists

• Paint traffic control lights, dividers, and road signals

• Install snow fences and ensure that any needed repair work or reinstallation is handled properly

• Perform general and preventative maintenance on vehicles, tools, and equipment used to handle highway maintenance tasks

• Ensure that all temporary signs are taken down at the end of each highway maintenance project

• Patch broken pavements using asphalt and clay and install various markers to ensure that maintenance work is being carried out upon correct measurements

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