Custodial Maintenance Worker Job Description and Duties

Updated on: September 19, 2022
Position Overview

Custodial maintenance workers fall under the broader category of janitors and cleaners.

They are hired by businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, and hotels to ensure a clean and sanitized environment at all times. It is because of them that an office or a facility remains clean and sparkling!

A custodial maintenance worker has other duties apart from simply cleaning surfaces and areas. They may be asked to perform light repair and maintenance work such as fixing wires and alarms and changing bulbs.

In addition to this, you will be required to handle groundskeeping work such as mowing grass and shoveling snow.

When an event is being managed by the employer, you will be required to help with moving furniture and setting up stages or podiums.

Position Requirements

You do not need to possess formal education to work as a custodial maintenance worker.

What you do have to be is physically fit, with a great ability to work on your feet for long hours each day.

In addition to this, you have to be exceptionally skilled in using cleaning agents and equipment in a safe manner and possess the ability to maintain cleaning equipment.

Here is a list of duties that custodial maintenance workers are expected to perform on any given day at work:

Custodial Maintenance Worker Duties and Responsibilities

• Sweep and mop surfaces in hallways, rooms, apartments, offices, and waiting areas

• Vacuum carpets and curtains, occasionally shampooing both and ensuring that they are dried and hung/placed properly

• Wash windows and screens using wipers and sponges, and clean woodwork, doors, and walls

• Clean and sanitize washrooms and replenish supplies such as soap, toilet paper, and towels

• Create appropriate mixes of cleaning agents and water, ensuring that they are safely used

• Polish furniture and furnishings and ensure that surfaces are polished regularly

• Perform maintenance and repair work such as changing bulbs, setting and checking alarm systems, and repairing wires

• Mow and fertilize lawns, maintain flower beds, trim trees, and spray insecticides to keep insects away

• Notify supervisor of low supplies such as cleaning agents and cleaning cloths and equipment and tools such as mops, dusters, brooms, and buffing machines

• Ensure that equipment such as buffing machines, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers are properly maintained on a regular basis

• Assist in setting up furniture such as tables and chairs for facility/company events, and clean up at the end of each event