General Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2023

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Take look at the following targeted resume sample for a general maintenance worker position to understand how you can write your own for this position:

General Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Cecil Amherst
37 Campbellsville Pike
Lynnville, TN 66733 
(000) 254-1541
cecilam @ email . com

General Maintenance Worker

A quiet achiever

Focused, and highly motivated general maintenance worker with a track record of performing building and grounds maintenance work. Excellent plumbing, carpentry, and painting skills along with a great ability to handle different types of maintenance and light repair machinery. 

• Well-versed in employing correct installation and maintenance of water and sewer lines.
• Functional ability to manage preventative and corrective maintenance activities on process equipment
• Extensive knowledge of wastewater processes and electric systems.
• Able to operate hydraulic, pneumatic, and telemetric equipment in a plant setting.


General Maintenance Worker
Sodexo Inc., Lynnville, TN
• Clean and maintain building interiors and exteriors by sweeping and mopping.
• Assist in grounds maintenance activities by picking up litter and clearing debris.
• Provide support to skilled labor in installing component parts and equipment.
• Maintain tools, vehicles, and equipment of the trade.
• Handle minor carpentry, painting, and electrical repair work.
• Inspect malfunctioning machinery to diagnose errors and assist in fixing them.
• Clean and lubricate machines and tools.
• Repair and replace defective parts, using a variety of power and hand tools.
• Perform routine and preventative maintenance activities on machinery and equipment.
• Order parts and supplies and keep track of inventory.
Key Achievements
• Reduced water wastage by 50% by installing automatic valves that sensed when water was being wasted in the grounds areas and cut off supply automatically.
• Increased supplies inventory efficiency by 78% by suggesting an “alert” to be placed when running low.

Maintenance Aide
Coachworks, Lynnville, TN
• Removed debris from work areas and performed sweeping and mopping activities
• Assisted in keeping grounds clean by performing weeding and mowing duties
• Provided support in cleaning and inspecting office water and boiler systems
• Performed minor repair and preventative maintenance on equipment
• Repaired electric locks and control panels
• Installed computer cables and repaired plaster and drywall
Key Achievements
• Revamped the cleaning system by introducing state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that decreased the entire building cleaning time by 60%.
• Devised a chemical-free cleaning concoction used as the “cleaning product of choice” by the company owing to its no harmful effects.

High School Diploma
Lynnville Public School, Lynnville, TN – 2008

• Chemical cleaning • Equipment maintenance
• Electrical repairing • Vehicle Servicing
• National Electric Code • Grounds-keeping
• Machine calibration • Control circuits
• Building Security • Supplies management
• Water treatment • Utility systems