General Maintenance Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: November 10, 2019

Writing the general maintenance worker resume is becoming complicated.

Many things are now out of fashion, including the all-purpose resume formats.


What you know about the job is very important to your success now.

Creating excellent resumes can put you on top of the competition.

Take look at the following targeted resume sample for a general maintenance worker position to understand how you can write your own for this position:




General Maintenance Worker Resume Sample


Cecil Amherst
37 Campbellsville Pike, Lynnville, TN 66733 
(000) 254-1541
cecilam @ email . com

General Maintenance Worker

A quiet achiever

Calm, focused and highly motivated general maintenance worker with a track record of performing building and grounds maintenance work. Excellent plumbing, carpentry, and painting skills along with a great ability to handle different types of maintenance and light repair machinery. 

• Well-versed in employing correct installation and maintenance of water and sewer lines.
• Functional ability to manage preventative and corrective maintenance activities on process equipment
• Extensive knowledge of wastewater processes and electric systems.
• Able to operate hydraulic, pneumatic and telemetric equipment in a plant setting.

• Reduced water wastage by 50% by installing automatic valves that sensed when water was being wasted in the grounds areas and cut off supply automatically.
• Increased supplies inventory efficiency by 78% by suggesting an “alert” to be placed when running low.
• Revamped the cleaning system by introducing state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that decreased the entire building cleaning time by 60%.
• Devised a chemical-free cleaning concoction used as the “cleaning product of choice” by the company owing to its no harmful effects.


General Maintenance Worker
Sodexo Inc., Lynnville, TN| 11/2013-Present

• Clean and maintain building interiors and exteriors by sweeping and mopping.
• Assist in grounds maintenance activities by picking up litter and clearing debris.
• Provide support to skilled labor in installing component parts and equipment.
• Maintain tools, vehicles, and equipment of the trade.
• Handle minor carpentry, painting, and electrical repair work.
• Inspect malfunctioning machinery to diagnose errors and assist in fixing them.
• Clean and lubricate machines and tools.
• Repair and replace defective parts, using a variety of power and hand tools.
• Perform routine and preventative maintenance activities on machinery and equipment.
• Order parts and supplies and keep track of inventory.

Maintenance Aide
Coachworks, Lynnville, TN | 1/2011-5/2013

• Removed debris from work areas and performed sweeping and mopping activities
• Assisted in keeping grounds clean by performing weeding and mowing duties
• Provided support in cleaning and inspecting office water and boiler systems
• Performed minor repair and preventative maintenance on equipment
• Repaired electric locks and control panels
• Installed computer cables and repaired plaster and drywall

High School Diploma
Lynnville Public School, Lynnville, TN – 2008

• Chemical cleaning
• Equipment maintenance
• Electrical repairing
• Vehicle servicing
• National Electric Code
• Grounds-keeping
• Machine calibration
• Control circuits
• Building security
• Supplies management
• Water treatment
• Utility systems