Public Works Maintenance Worker Job Description

Updated on: March 3, 2018

Public works maintenance workers are individuals who provide maintenance support to organizations, and the general public.

They are hired in the public sector, where their primary duty is to make sure that areas such as car parks, roads, curbs, and parks are properly maintained, and kept clean constantly.

Working as a public works maintenance worker requires a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least.

A previous job in a cleaning or maintenance capacity can go a long way in making you an excellent candidate to work at this position. Since the work is physically demanding, it is imperative for people working as public works maintenance workers to be exceptionally strong and dexterous, as they will be expected to perform hard physical labor.

As a public works maintenance worker, it will be your responsibility to perform a wide variety of maintenance and repair duties, all of which you will be expected to do with perfection. Good time management skills, and the ability to ensure quality work are required qualifications for this position. Ability to work well with the general public, and in a team environment is essential too.

Other requirements to work successfully at this position include the ability to successfully follow a chain of command, and be receptive to instruction and supervision.

To see what you will be doing on any typical work day as a public works maintenance worker, have a look at the following list of duties, specific to this job:


Public Works Maintenance Worker Duties & Responsibilities


• Inspect assigned areas, such as streets, public parks, parking areas, and drainage systems.

• Follow specified criteria to determine problems, and need for repairs, and provide feedback to supervisors.

• Create estimates of cost and time that will be required to maintain or clean assigned area.

• Inspect reservoirs, meters, and sewer systems at frequent intervals to ensure that all aspects of the systems are functioning properly.

• Collect trash from receptacles and streets and parks, and ensure that it is properly disposed of.

• Trim trees and bushes in public parks and green areas, to give them a clean and neat outlook.

• Ascertain that materials, tools, and equipment are delivered to worksites promptly.

• Clean ditches, scrape streets before cleaning them and hose down curbs and roads to get rid of dirt and sleet.

• Assist in installing, removing, and replacing traffic signs, electric signal bulbs, and filters, and in straightening signal heads.