Top 2 Fast Food Worker Resume Examples

Updated on: March 19, 2021

When exceptional customer services skills provision is your forte, you have to think about working as a fast food worker.

In order to get a job as a fast food worker, you have to make sure that your resume is extraordinarily well-written.

The reason is obvious. At a customer service position, you will be dealing with an organization’s prime asset, that said, its customer base.

So you would want to appear like someone who knows how to handle this asset with the fragility that it deserves.

Resumes written for positions such as those of fast-food workers need to be detailed, accomplishments-oriented and extremely well laid out – clear. A little like the sample provided below:

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Fast Food Worker Resume Sample 1

Mary Jones
153 Upper Terrace Street, Eagle River, AK 89700
(000) 451-4141
m.jon @ email . com


Customer service-oriented individual with 11+ years’ track record of working with busy fast-food chains. Well-versed in preparing and packing fast food items according to set recipes and in an accurate fashion, along with ensuring total customer satisfaction to create opportunities for repeat business. A passionate individual who handles customers’ complaints while remaining within the parameters defined by the restaurant.

• Proficient in taking orders and accurately punching them into the restaurant database.
• Adept at processing cash and credit card payments in a precise manner by operating standard cash registers.
• Skilled in monitoring supplies to ensure that they remain at optimal levels and coordinating activities with suppliers to acquire items low in stock.


Fast Food Worker (6/2016-Present)
Taco Boy, Eagle River, AK
• Successfully serve 150 customers within one 6 hour shift on a particularly busy workday
• Reorganize the food inventory system, making it 65% more efficient in terms of optimized food levels
• Welcome customers as they approach the counter and provide them menus
• Assist customers in making ordering decisions by providing them with information on menu items
• Take orders for food items and punch them into the ordering system
• Provide information on add-ons, discount options, and deals in a bid to upsell ordered items
• Ask customers if they would like to dine in or take their orders with them and provide timelines for order delivery
• Relay orders to the kitchen area and assist food preparers in gathering the order

Fast Food Worker (5/2008-6/2016)
City Cafe, Eagle River, AK
• Retained a regular customer post bad service provided by another fast-food worker, by offering freebies (allowed by the restaurant management)
• Resolved a particularly difficult to determine cash discrepancy by applying deep analytic skills and finding the offending entry
• Packed customers’ orders, placed them on trays,
and ensured that they are delivered to them
• Ascertained that condiments and napkins are included with packed orders and dine-in ones
• Processed payments in exchange for services rendered and hand back change and receipts
• Tallied cash registers at the end of each shift and ensure that any discrepancies are managed immediately

Cafeteria Assistant
Goodwill High School
, Eagle River, AK (1/2005-5/2008)
• Presented menus to staffing members and students and provided them with information on the day’s special
• Took orders for food and beverages and provided timelines for delivery
• Relayed orders to the kitchen and provided assistance in preparing them
• Served food and beverage items and ensured that any requests of additional services are fulfilled immediately
• Cleaned and bussed tables and ensured that the cafeteria was kept cleaned and tidied at all times

High School Diploma

Goodwill High School, Eagle River, AK – 2002


  • Food Preparation
  • Order Taking
  • Cash Handling
  • Equipment Operations
  • POS Operation
  • Dine-in Support
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Complaint Management

Fast Food Worker Resume Example 2

Rodney Owens
432 17th Street NE
Northwood, ND 58965 
(999) 999-9999


Honest and customer service-oriented fast food professional with hands-on experience in providing high-quality food service to restaurant patrons. Well-versed in using POS systems for automated order taking along with exceptional expertise in handling cash and credit transactions.

Special talent for:
• Accurately taking orders for food items and ensuring prompt delivery of orders to customers’ tables.
• Preparing daily food items in accordance with the restaurant’s recipes and food hygiene standards.
• Monitoring and ordering supplies by coordinating efforts with procurements officers and onboard suppliers.
• Planning, preparing, and delivering food items to customers with special dietary needs.

• Food Preparation
• Cash Handling
• Safe Food Preparation Procedures
• Inventory Control
• Complaint Handling
• POS Systems
• Wrapping and Packaging
• Maintaining Cleanliness


Fast Food Worker
May 2016 – Present
• Greet customers as they arrive and present them with menus
• Provide information regarding the day’s specials and any discounts available for meals
• Assist customers in choosing items from the menu by providing them with food complementing information
• Inquire if customers would like to dine in or take their orders with them
• Take orders for food and beverage items and attempt to upsell sidelines
• Punch orders in the POS system, and process cash and credit card transactions
• Prepare food items according to recipe standards in a prompt and accurate manner
• Place food items on trays or pack them in paper bags for customers to take with them
• Ascertain that condiments and napkins are included with both types of orders
• Serve dine-in customers on their tables and ask if they would like anything extra
• Ascertain the cleanliness of the restaurant area and make sure that the counter is constantly tidied

Key Accomplishments
• Held 5 training workshops on safe food preparation procedures, as part of in-house new employee training initiatives
• Developed a diet menu in conjunction by incorporating patrons’ feedback, resulting in an increased clientele
• Consistently met sales targets by encouraging customers to buy extra food items, such as drinks and sidelines, with their meals
• Saved the business $23500 by locating a lost POS entry, resulting in obtaining a bonus from the management

Cafeteria Assistant
Sep 2007 – May 2016
• Took orders from students and staff members and provided them with information on the day’s specials
• Assisted in preparing food items by cutting, chopping, and marinating meats, vegetables, and fruits
• Prepared menu items according to standard recipes provided by cafeteria manager or chef
• Dished out food in appropriate portions and added garnishing
• Served or packed food items to customers who want to either dine-in or take their orders with them
• Ascertained the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the cafeteria

High School Diploma