Hotel Night Auditor Resume Sample (Highlights, Job Description)

Updated on: August 10, 2021

The idea behind writing a hotel night auditor resume is effective one-way communication.

If you can communicate your eligibility for a job by highlighting important points in your professional life, you can do anything! That is the general consensus.

Even when you are at the pinnacle of your career, your resume writing efforts make a lot of difference to how you are perceived by a prospective employer.

Believe it or not, it matters little to a prospective employer what you have done in a previous job unless you articulate your accomplishments and experience properly in a resume.

The following example will give you ideas.

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Hotel Night Auditor Resume Example

Ronald Taylor
6656 Collins Avenue, Maimi Beach, FL 55898
(000) 999-2010
rontaylor @ email . com


• 8+ years’ hands-on experience in handling front desk and accounting duties within a hotel environment
• Proven record of pleasantly greeting guests in a professional and friendly manner, in accordance with hotel standards
• Demonstrated ability to analyze the performance of income-generating areas and respond to guests’ requests in an attentive manner
• Performs accurate check-ins and check-outs according to set standards of the facility
• Proficient in handling cash transactions by ensuring that all float balance correctly at the end of each shift


– Reconciliation– Contact Support
– Inventory Control– Complaint Management
– Bookkeeping– Information Auditing
– Security Management– Reservations Handling


Hotel Night Auditor 
Waring Hotels, Miami Beach, FL
• Avert a sticky situation involving a potential robbery at the hotel, by recognizing signs of intrusion and alerting the security personnel on time.
• Reorganize the bookkeeping process, making it 50% more efficient than before by incorporating a dynamic calculation module.
• Greet guests as they arrive and inquire into their reservation status.
• Verify reservations and assist guests in filling out registration forms.
• Attend telephone calls to take reservations and provide information on vacant rooms and rates.
• Check guests in and out of the hotel by following prescribed protocols and procedures.
• Ascertain that guests’ luggage is delivered to their rooms and proper keys or key cards are issues.
• Process payments during check-ins and check-outs and tender change and receipts.
• Perform bookkeeping duties such as handling accounts receivable and payable.

Night Auditor
City Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
• Implemented a new check-in and check-out system which streamlined the process by providing real-time information to daytime front desk officers.
• Successfully reconciled a particularly problematic entry that had been in limbo for over 5 months.
• Posted and balanced all hotel transactions taking place during the night shift.
• Reconciled credit and cash transactions and prepared food and beverage audits.
• Processed adjustments, rebates, and paid-outs and made adjustments to room rates.
• Audited banquet charges.
• Recorded vendor activities and payments.

Front Desk Representative 
The Hyatt, Miami Beach, FL
(1/2008 to 5/2011)
• Greeted guests and visitors and responded to their inquiries such as room rates and vacancies.
• Responded to queries regarding reservations over the telephone and in person.
• Verified reservations and assisted guests in filling out guest information forms.
• Checked guests in and out of the hotel by coordinating efforts with accounting departments.
• Assigned rooms and issues room keys and cards to registered guests.
• Ascertained that guests’ luggage was delivered to their rooms in a timely and efficient manner.

High School Diploma
Miami Beach High School, Miami Beach, FL – 2007