Cocktail Waitress Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 27, 2022

When sending a Waitress Resume or application to a prospective employer, either to apply for an advertised job or to inquire about future positions, you will need to write a cover letter.

A Cocktail Waitress Cover Letter is used to state the reasons why you are writing, what interests you regarding the company or the waitress position, and what skills and capabilities will fit the company’s requirements.

Professionals write the following sample Cocktail Waitress cover letter for your guidance.

This type of letter must be sent along with a cocktail waitress resume and application.

Cocktail Waitress Cover Letter Example

Anna Smith
35 6th Street
Miami, FL 65255
(000) 524-6323

April 27, 2022

Mr, Clive Anderson
Senior Manager
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
55 Some Street
Miami, FL 65221

Dear Mr. Anderson:

Your advertisement for the position of Cocktail Waitress was of particular interest to me because it offers a new challenge in a hospitality and customer service environment, which I find incredibly motivating and enjoyable. My professional background is a very close match to your requirements.

During my two years’ work with Marriott International, I have worked as a Server and Waitress which involved the primary responsibility of taking orders from guests and serving food and beverages accordingly, checking on guest satisfaction, handling the payments, and concerns of patrons.

Furthermore, I believe that both my communication skills and personal attributes match the requirements you seek for the Cocktail Waitress role and that I would be able to efficiently contribute to the team and the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.

Although my enclosed resume provides a good summary of my qualifications, skills, and experience, I would like to arrange to meet with you to talk about this position in detail. I will contact you next week to schedule an appointment. In the interim, feel free to call me at (000) 524-6323.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anna Smith

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