2021 Sample Resume for Dental Hygienist

Updated on: December 28, 2020
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If you want to get results from your Dental Hygienist resume in the year 2021, then you have to customize it as per the requirements of the employer. That said, standard resumes are usually ignored by employers who have a lot more choices.

Since employers know how easy it is for job seekers to send a resume, they only consider resumes that fit the bill properly. Be the one that fits the bill if you want to be considered for a job.

Do the right thing by writing a dental hygienist resume in 2021 that complements the employer’s requirements. Here is a sample that might interest you:

Dental Hygienist 2021 Resume Sample

Jeff Murray
730 Kurn Hattin Road, Putney, VT 09632
(000) 999-4141
jeffmurray @ email . com


Passionate dental hygienist, with 9+ years of progressively responsible experience in patient screening procedures, including oral health conditions and reviews of health histories. Exceptionally well-trained in taking and developing dental radiographs by using the latest technologies in x-rays.

• Applying preventative materials such as sealants and fluorides by following set dental procedures.
• Counseling patients about good nutrition and its impact on oral health.
• Teaching patients regarding appropriate oral hygiene with a view to keep diseases and conditions at bay.
• Preparing examination rooms for dental examinations and procedures by ensuring appropriate sterilization of premises and instruments.

• Patient Screening • Oral Cancer Screening
• Calculus Removal • Nutrition Counseling
• Study Casts Development • Treatment Evaluation
• Gum Disease Prevention • Topical Fluoride Treatments
• Dental Health Education • Sealant Application
• Preventative Care • Root Planning


Dental Hygienist
  Sage Dental Group, Putney, VT
  May 2016 – Present
• Conduct 16 seminars and 14 educational workshops on preventative oral care.
• Prevent mouth cancer in a patient from reaching Stage 2 by detecting early signs of the disease and alerting the patient in time.
• Interview patients to determine their individual complaints regarding oral healthcare.
• Examine patients’ teeth and mouth and provide them with feedback on findings.
• Take and develop radiographs to determine the condition of gums and teeth.
• Perform patient screening procedures to determine diseases or sources of discomfort.
• Remove calculus and plaque from teeth and apply preventative materials such as fluorides and sealants.

Dental Hygienist
  Aspen Dental, Putney, VT
  Oct 2012 – May 2016
• Singlehandedly treated 102 patients in one week following a particularly heavy work schedule.
• Developed a detailed study cast for a patient suffering from Odomtoma to assist in a detailed study of this rare dental phenomena.
• Made impressions of patients’ teeth to evaluate their treatment needs.
• Provided education on preventing teeth and gum decay through proper nutrition.
• Ascertained that examination rooms and dental care instruments are kept in sterile conditions.
• Calmed patients down before and during procedures by handling their fears on a psychological level.

Dental Hygiene Intern
  Dentaquest, Putney, VT
  Jan 2011 – Oct 2012
• Recorded patient information during interview processes.
• Assisted dental hygienists by recording and maintaining patient data such as medical histories and contact information.
• Sterilized dental instruments and prepared patient examination rooms.
• Assisted in handling instruments and setting up radiograph machinery.
• Manned the front desk, scheduled appointments, and provided patients with reminders.

Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene
State University, Putney, VT – 2011