6 Waitstaff Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

Updated on: October 17, 2020

The waitstaff at any restaurant, bar, or hotel is considered the face of the organization as waiters, servers, hosts, and guest relation officers are the first people that customers contact.

Since customers are a company’s key assets, it is important to hire the right first-contact people to serve them.

The wait staff is usually the only contact a customer has throughout their dining experience, which is why they are hired after much deliberation and scrutiny.

When you write your resume for a waiter or host position, make sure that your resume objective is strong enough to entice the reader to continue reading the rest of your resume.

Going through hundreds of resumes is jarring work, and employers often lose patience, which is why you need to begin your resume in a way that will make them sit up and take notice.

Your resume objective should not be run-of-the-mill – it should stand out by virtue of the information in it, so paying special attention to your resume objective is recommended.

Remember that as part of the wait staff, your duty is not only serving customers what they have ordered but also providing them with service that will make them want to be served by you many more times.

If you can successfully depict this information in your resume, you have a waiter’s job bagged! Here is how you can write a good resume objective:

Sample Objectives for Waitstaff Resume

1. Dexterous and friendly individual, looking for a position as a Waiter at Hilton Avenue utilizing exceptional customer service acumen in a culinary environment with a view to ensure returning business.

2. Seeking a Waitress position with Pearl Guest House, where knowledge of working in a hospitality environment, coupled with exceptional customer services ability can be utilized to maximize profits.

3. Achievement-oriented server poised to work for Crown Resorts. Offers track record of handling food and beverage services in accordance with food hygiene policies, and taking and delivering accurate orders long to serve customers in the best possible way.

4. Eager to work as a Host for Coventry Hotel and Resorts utilizing comprehensive knowledge of the food and beverage world to provide exceptional customer services to patrons and guests.

5. To obtain a Hostess position at Hyatt. Offers in-depth knowledge of serving hotel patrons with the view of ensuring recurring business.

6. Seeking a position as a Hostess at Eataly, where knowledge of preparing and serving food items to patrons can be fully utilized to provide them with the best in culinary services.

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