Top 32 Server Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

Updated on: October 17, 2020
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A server career objective is a short and precise statement that sits on the top of a resume. If written carefully, it grabs the recruiter’s attention to the applicants skills and passion.

How to Write a Compelling Objective on a Server Resume?

  • First of all, read the server job description carefully to gauge the employer’s needs.
  • Target those requirements and mention the same in your objective statement.
  • Show yourself a good applicant who is capable of performing customer service and hospitality tasks.
  • Keep it short.

Here is a sample objective you should never write:

“Looking for a position as a restaurant server where I can grow and prosper.”

This is a selfish objective. Given that every job helps you grow in some way, you don’t have to make it evident and sound self-centered. Instead, write something about your capabilities which will be utilized to achieve the goals of the employer. +

Study the examples below to get ideas:

Server Resume Objective Examples

1. Top-performing hospitality professional seeking a server position at Marriott Log Angeles utilizing exceptional patron care skills and true hospitality etiquette to surpass the expectations of the guests and employer.

2. Diligent and hardworking server, seeking a position with Hilton Suites using customer care and food service acumen to attain the highest level of guest satisfaction.

3. A highly motivated individual, seeking a job as a Server for Durham Restaurant. Putting forward a friendly personality and polished skills in customer service to truly make a difference in customer service and dining experience.

4. Seeking a position of Server for Pantera Hotel using exceptional knowledge of food and beverage preparation and excellent guest relations etiquette to provides above par guest service.

5. To obtain a position as a Server with the Bulfinch Hotel. Offering extensive experience in the table setting, food serving, and guest handling in a hospitality environment.

6. Detail-oriented food-service professional, seeking a Server position at Darden Hotel. Bringing exceptional teamwork insight and knowledge of the food and beverage industry to attain excellence in guest service.

Restaurant Server Resume Objective Examples

7. Energetic, customer-focused restaurant server seeking a position at Holiday Inn to leverage skills in preparing the dining area, presenting the menu, serving orders while adhering to sanitation and safety protocols.

8. To obtain a position as a server with the New York Restaurant utilizing exceptional hospitality and customer service skills to provide quick and courteous service to the guests.

9. Looking for a Restaurant Server position at ABC Resort where extensive experience in hospitality will be utilized to develop guest relations and loyalty.

10. Seeking a job as a Restaurant Server where strong skills and expertise in the food serving industry will be employed to provide excellent guest service and get 5-star ratings.

Bar Server Resume Objective Examples

11. Self-reliant, methodical Bar Server seeking a position with Mosaic Hotels. Offers 8+ years’ extensive experience in making cocktails and anticipating guests’ needs to deliver food and beverage orders efficiently and promptly.

12. Trustworthy and versatile professional eager to work for Denny’s as a Bar Server. Bringing outstanding customer service and beverage serving skills to enhance the reputation of the establishment.

13. To obtain a Bar Server position at Starwood Hotel. Well-versed in determining types of cocktails that guests will require and helping them select the best beverage for their meals. Able to deal effectively with complaints and suggestions.

14. Seeking a position as a Bar Server at the Red Lion Hotel. Fully capable of answering questions about menu items, beverages, and other hotel functions/services to provide a pleasant, approachable service and create an extraordinary dining experience.

15. Strong desire to work at Roots and Rye as a Bar Server. Bringing expertise in mixing drinks, cocktails, and other bar beverages to attain a high level of guest satisfaction and ensure repeat business.

16. Seeking employment as a Bar Server at the Counter Burger utilizing exceptional ability to deal with guest’s needs and make them feel welcome and important. Thorough understanding of food and beverage products, handling menus, and promotions.

Cocktail Server Resume Objective Examples

17. A Cocktail Server position with Hyatt utilizing exceptional customer service skills coupled with knowledge of serving beverages to contribute to the hotel’s thriving business.

18. Seeking a position as a Cocktail Server at Harbor Inn where excellence in focusing attention on guests’ needs will be fully utilized. Committed to attaining the highest level of guest satisfaction through extraordinary attention to detail.

19. To obtain employment as a Cocktail Server at Hilton Suites. Bringing knowledge of different beverages and expertise in anticipating guests’ needs to maximize patrons’ satisfaction.

20. Eager to work as a Cocktail Server for Viceroy Hotels. Offering knowledge of guest service orientation with a keen ability to promote positive relations.

21. To work for Crest Resorts as a Cocktail Server where I will be allowed to employ my skills in guest service provision, in an environment conducive to mutual growth.

Banquet Server Resume Objective Examples

22. Energetic and customer service-focused hospitality professional seeking a position as a Banquet Server at Four Seasons using exceptional skills in setting up banquet tables and ensuring that patrons are services appropriately.

23. Diplomatic and ambitious individual looking for a Banquet Server position at Station Casinos utilizing expertise in setting up banquet rooms, and ensuring proper table set up to aesthetically place food and provide exceptional customer service.

24. A position as a Banquet Server at Omni Hotels utilizing proficiency in serving customers by following strict service rules and handling table set up and tear down duties efficiently.

25. To work as a Banquet Server for Intercontinental Hotels Group. Offers adeptness at interacting with guests, anticipating their food and beverage needs to ensure that they are served to the highest level of satisfaction.

26. To obtain a Banquet Server position with The Hyatt. Bringing hands-on experience in handling food and beverage setting up and serving duties in a banquet room environment.

27. Seeking a Banquet Server position at Green River Resorts. Enthusiastic to bring the ability to serve menu items to customers in a prompt and courteous manner and in accordance with food safety and hygiene regulations.

Food and Beverage Server Resume Objective Examples

28. Customer service-oriented and resourceful Food and Beverage Server looking for a position at Six Flags. Offers over 6 years of hospitality industry experience. Proficient in presenting menus according to protocols, taking orders, and ensuring that orders are filled in a time-efficient manner.

29. Looking for a position as F&B Server at Aramark. Bringing expertise in bussing, taking, and relaying orders to ensure total customer satisfaction.

32. A Food and Beverage Server position with Aimbridge Hospitality providing the benefit of skills in handling dining areas regarding food and beverage service to deliver exceptional customer service at all times.

30. Seeking a Food and Beverage Server position at Drury Hotels bringing a track record of success ensuring delivery of prompt and accurate service to patrons and providing them with menu suggestions according to their specific taste.

31. To work for Hyatt as a Food and Beverage Server. Offering exceptional skills in handling large food and beverage orders, and ensuring delivery of the same to customers to bring return business opportunities.

Additional Guidelines

When you write an objective for a server resume, there is one thing that you have to keep in mind – the quality of your content. The fact that you are an excellent choice for a job should be spelled out in a server resume objective.

Think of the resume objective statement as your first introduction to the employer. Make it positive to climb the ladder to success easily and quickly.