Hotel General Manager Resume Objectives

Updated February 23, 2017

Resume objective – this part of the resume is usually riddled with confusion. Since it is the beginning of a resume, we often become somewhat unsure of how to proceed with it. After all, making a positive first impression is of great importance here.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is a resume objective and how does it help us in obtaining the hotel general manager job?

An objective is that one very important part of the resume without which, you can very well say goodbye to your chances of being considered for a position. Why? Simply because it is an introduction. Objectives are especially important when you are either changing career directions or are applying for an entry level job. But they are also used to introduce a candidate even if he or she is experienced enough. Do not leave them out as by doing so, you are giving off the impression that you are not too serious about working – or obtaining the position.

Writing a resume objective is easy if you place information of your skills and qualifications in front of you. See which ones gel in with your role specifically, and then write them in a way that it seems as if you are the best possible choice that a hiring manager has. This is what you should come up with:

Hotel General Manager Resume Objectives

• Seeking a position as a Hotel General Manager at Hyatt utilizing 12+ years’ extensive experience in overseeing the operational functions of high-end hotels, with special focus on guest satisfaction and revenue generation.

• Top performing Hotel General Manager looking for a position at Holiday Inn. Bringing 5+ years’ track record of success increasing the ongoing profitability of the hotel by exceeding guest satisfaction targets.

• Desire a position as a Hotel General Manager at Atlas Hospitality. Offers competencies in delivering hotel budget goals, and developing and implementing improvement actions in a proactive manner.

• To obtain a position as a Hotel General Manager with The Luxury Resort. Offering expertise in maximizing room yields and hotel revenues through innovative sales practices, along with consistently ensuring operational efficiency of the facility.

• Competent, industrious and innovative individual, with over 10 years of experience managing busy hotels, seeking a General Manager position at Regency Inn. Eager to apply expertise in leading and contributing to the effective functions of a busy hotel, with special focus on guest satisfaction and revenue generation.