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Updated on May 12, 2019

Bellmen are usually employed by hotels to assist guests with their luggage. They greet guests and provide assistance by escorting them to their rooms and providing them information about the hotel and its services.

The term “bellman” stemmed from the fact that initially, bellmen would respond to a bell that the front desk manager would ring when a guest needed to be shown to his or her room.


Even though bells are no longer used to summon bellmen, the name has stuck and bellmen provide the same services even now.

The work duties of bellmen are not really cut out for them as there are many things that they need to do.

Apart from greeting and escorting guests, they handle and deliver luggage and also run errands for them.

In addition, they provide guests with information on the hotel’s amenities and also assist them with the check-in process.

Bellmen also check room keys to ensure that they are functioning properly and also make sure that the room is equipped with telephones and minibars and any other facility that is part of a guest’s package.

When bellmen are hired, a lot of importance is given to their resume as there is a high need to hire passionate individuals for this position.

Applicants who build solid resumes will have a better chance of attaining employment.

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Have a look at the following samples of career objectives that a bellman can write on his resume to attract an employer’s attention:


Sample Objectives for Bellman Resume

• A self-motivated and friendly individual seeking a position as a Bellman at Hyatt where wide knowledge of handling guests in a hospitable manner can be used to provide excellence in customer services.

• Looking for a position as a Bellman with Country Inn using expertise in providing hospitality services to the inn’s guests by employing exceptional guest services etiquette.

• A professional and experienced professional looking for a Bellman position at Star Hotels by virtue of smart personal appearance and positive attitude coupled with a strong background in providing customer services in a hospitality environment.

• Desire a Bellman position at Nick Hotel. Offering a solid background in providing hospitality services to guests by employing knowledge of the hospitality industry aimed at the positive guest experience.

• To work as a Bellman for Woodlands Resort using background in assuring positive guest services to provide exceptional guest services.

• To obtain employment as a Bellman with Omni Hotels. Bringing exceptional first tier service skills along with knowledge of providing positive customer services in a hospitality environment.

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