Do’s and Don’ts for Resume Writing

Updated on: September 25, 2022

The pattern, format, and trend for writing an effective resume have changed significantly in current years.

Modern resumes should be planned – not just written.

It is amazing how a well-written and structured resume can become an asset to the candidate and how a poorly written one can ruin a career.

Resume samples are available a dime a dozen on the Internet, and it is no wonder that people end up customizing the wrong one.

A good resume contains the professional information of the Candide logically.

The following do’s and don’ts need to be taken into account when writing a resume.

Resume Writing Do’s

✓ Create a clean and professional-looking resume with a well-balanced format.
Give space between the sections so that the resume is readable and explanations are distinguishable from headings.
 Maintain consistency in font style and indentation.
Begin phrases with action words.
Use the active voice.
 Review your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes and typos.

Resume Writing Don’ts

In your resume, do not:

Use more than one font type; you may use a different size for headings but never a different type of font.
Use pronouns (my and I are out!)
Include personal information such as social security number, date of birth, spouse’s name, etc.
Use passive voice – it is out of date!
Include phrases like “references available on request”.
Put in your hobbies unless you are an entry-level applicant.

Additional Guidelines

Writing a resume that will guarantee an interview is hard but some tips and tricks can help you get nearer your goal.

While templates are alright as reference points, we do not recommend that you use a pre-build resume template. In fact, a template depicts a candidate’s lack of research. Instead, use a sample that best suits your experience and the target job.

Not only a resume sample will assist you to obtain better ideas, but also it will guide you on how to build your resume specifically for your profession.

Whether you are a fresh graduate and just entering the job market or changing your career path, you can find a variety of contemporary resume samples on this website for all occupations and career levels.

Keep visiting us to find the best resume examples and templates.

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