Public Safety Dispatcher Resume Writing Tips

A resume for public safety dispatcher position should be structured correctly where content and resume format is concerned – but it is particularly important where a position of responsibility is being applied for.  A dispatcher looking for a job in public safety capacity will have to ensure that his resume has all the necessary information that is pertinent to a dispatcher’s job.

Public Safety Dispatcher Resume usually consists of different sections including; Career Objective, Qualifications, Relevant Experience, Education and Additional Skills.


The objective of a Public Safety dispatcher’s resume is of extreme importance. Let us look at an example here; “To obtain a position as a Safety Dispatcher where I can contribute my experience in providing emergency services assistance to the public.” This objective pretty much says it all.


The “Summary of Qualifications” section should possess information about relevant capabilities and your knowledge of the general locations of the city that you are working in.


Additionally, you have to put your “relevant experience” on your resume. For instance, write your experience with firefighting apparatus and rescue equipment along with excellent knowledge of using the phone in emergency situations. This position requires an individual to be alert at all times and the employer needs to know that you have it in you to be able to handle emergency situations correctly. You will need to put in your experience in the previous job (if you have any) and related skills.


Whether it is just a high school diploma or a degree in public safety, you should mention it in your resume.


“Additional Skills” section is another major component of a safety dispatcher resume. You will have to be a detail oriented person having some basic computer skills to be able to do justice to this job along with possessing a calm nature.

Remember, this is position demands great responsibility, and you will need to write your resume in a manner that shows a professional approach. Do not be shy in putting in your better skills even if it feels like you are showing off a bit!

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