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How to Craft a Professional Resume for LinkedIn Profile?

As a business-oriented social networking service, LinkedIn had gained much popularity since its launching in May 2003. Since then, many professionals wanting to network have taken advantage of the site to meet other professionals and gain work and business opportunities. For most recruiters, LinkedIn resumes are an excellent tool for interviewing and hiring employees. For… Read More »

How to Write an Award-Winning Resume? 🥇

If you want to write an award-winning resume, it should be very catchy and exceptional. On the other hand, if your resume is not impressive, it will not engage the employer enough to read it till the end! The best way to get the employer’s attention is to make your resume about the employing firm… Read More »

Top 10 Resume Preparation Tips to Help You Get an Interview

Resumes are self-marketing tools, that’s why it is imperative to write them effectively while merely highlighting your qualifications. A poorly written resume will result in a non-professional impression and, consequently, no interviews! If you have a written resume that highlights your more excellent points as an applicant, you have a great chance of bagging that job… Read More »

Salutations for Business Letters

Business letters are an integral part of formal communication between two professionals. These letters can be written in different capacities, and types vary depending on the situation. Some widely used business letters may include resume cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, reference or recommendation letters, hiring letters, information letters – the list goes on!… Read More »

10 Unique Resume Writing Ideas to Get Good Response

As a cut-throat competition prevails all through the world where good jobs are concerned, therefore, it needs something extra to get noticed. This is especially true where resume writing is concerned. Employers receive hundreds of resumes for one job application and for the most part, they all look the same. So what can you do with… Read More »

Convincing Cover Letter Writing Tips

Having established the fact that cover letters are extremely important in helping a candidate climb the stairs to an interview, let us now discuss what a convincing cover letter should possess. Acquiring well-paid jobs is not easy in these times of global recession and a candidate needs to take up every opportunity to ensure that… Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts for Resume Writing

Overview The pattern, format, and trend for writing an effective resume have been changed significantly in current years. Modern resumes should be planned – not just written.   It is amazing how a well written and structured resume can become an asset to the candidate and how a poorly written one can ruin a career.… Read More »

Entry Level Cover Letter Writing Tips

You are ready to move into the professional world. Congratulations! Now the primary challenge is to build a resume and cover letter, which is ready to excel in the current job market?   These two documents are essential marketing tools to get your very first job. It is strongly recommended to submit a cover letter… Read More »

Top 30 Resume Writing Tips To Get an Interview

When writing or updating your resume, the first thing to remember is that a resume is a tool to sell your candidacy. It contains your objective or profile or summary statement, qualifications, accomplishments, experience, skills, and education, as well as affiliations. A resume enables the employer to know what type of job you are seeking… Read More »